5 harbingers of success in career, wealth and prosperity

5 harbingers of success in career, wealth and prosperity

Have you ever wondered what is the best predictor of one becoming very successful one day?

What are the “harbingers” of success that signal to us that we are on the right track, that there is a significant increase in income, career advancement and steady financial well-being ahead of us?

I suggest that we begin our conversation by deciphering the term “successful person”.

In my opinion, an individual can be considered “successful” if he achieves his goals. Even if not at all 100% of the planned, but overcoming the “threshold” of 60-70% (of the set goals) is already an outstanding result (because even these figures are much higher than average).

So, the following 5 harbingers of great success in career and in other spheres of life can be identified:

1. High ambitions and serious efforts to materialize them

There is a proverb: “You can’t catch a fish out of the pond without effort”. Although fans of esoterics (of which there have been a great many recently) believe otherwise and prefer only to “meditate” on their goal/dream, but not to step towards it.

Does the esoteric method of achieving goals work? Probably. But you have to meditate a lot, and you always want to eat now. You will not be satisfied with only “high vibrations”.

Therefore, a high level of goals and regular training to overcome them will help you to break free from the “rut” of the middle-ranking, in order to be able to jump “over the head”.

2. Perseverance

Keep your goals and ambitions in mind. Even when you go to sleep, think about your main goal in life. And wake up thinking about it.

When you stay focused on what’s important, you’re bound to succeed-no matter what. Keep persevering until you get what you want. And then raise the bar to new heights.

3. Developed emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence means that you understand yourself and the people with whom you work (interact) well. These skills are among the key ones among successful people today.

In today’s world, it is impossible to achieve very much success alone. We are all part of a common ecosystem. Today, everyone and everything is interconnected to each other (directly or indirectly).

Think about this at your leisure and tie this fact to your goal. That, at the very least, will allow you to avoid most failures.

4. Pragmatic practicality

Every decision we make in life is either an “investment” or an “expense”. To make this thesis clearer, here are some examples:

  • Hanging out on social media for hours on end is a waste of our time;
  • Unhealthy food is a waste of our health;
  • Work that does not bring us pleasure (making us unhappy) is a waste of our inner energy, leading to a loss of meaning in life;
  • Regular exercise is an investment in our health and longevity;
  • Spending time with family and friends is an investment in well-being and happiness;
  • Reading specialized literature, professional development, etc. – is an investment in increasing our ability to earn more money.

In other words, it is about striving to become a better, more whole and versatile person. You should also strive to become better in your field, to become more professional and competitive in the labor market.

5. Ability to work “under pressure”

It is impossible to walk the road to wealth and success on luck alone. This road is always long and winding and full of surprises and pitfalls.

If you have decided to change yourself and your life for the better, you need to be ready for it. Remember: Failures happen to everyone. Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky would never have become the best scorers in the history of basketball or hockey if they had stopped when they failed.

This happens not only in sports, but also in business and personal life. All of us, at times, make mistakes and fail. All of us are criticized from time to time and sometimes pressured. There are times when we are deliberately “tripped up” and openly bullied (often completely unjustified).

But none of this should destroy our determination to move forward, undermining our will to win and raising doubts about our abilities.

Most great results will require a sustained effort on our part-before we see any tangible return. So we should all learn to be “marathoners,” evenly distributing our activity and performance over a very long period of time.

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