What does it take to influence other people? Karl Marx’s rules

What does it take to influence other people? Karl Marx’s rules

In life, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be a person who is willing not only to achieve their goals, but also to motivate others. Many people simply don’t care about the people around them, they don’t care about what other people achieve or don’t achieve – they are not interested in anything or anyone but themselves.

Is it right to be that kind of person, completely indifferent to everything? Is it so important to stimulate others if you have that power? Yes, it is a very important skill.

At all times, people have always chosen for themselves a man who had incredible energy and the weight of his own word to lead others.

Everywhere you look in history there has been a man who became a king and a leader of his people. What motivational speeches he made to rally the people and instill faith in them!

For every battle such a man went with his soldiers to be in their person not only a leader but also a motivator for the battle. Most importantly, not everyone has the ability to lead his people and instill the very hope that is ready to turn minds.

Generally speaking, it is quite difficult to influence those around you, because the world is different now, and attitudes have long changed. The behavior of people in the 21st century is completely different from what it was in the last century. People have become much more stubborn, too lazy and even unintelligent.

That is why such people can hardly be managed, it is impossible to motivate them, it is not interesting to work with them, they absolutely do not want to lead. As Marx said:

Each of us really makes ourselves what we are in the eyes of the other.

Even if you have qualities such as the ability to prove their own rightness and the correctness of their own actions, then no proactive people will not follow you, no matter how you try.

But if you still managed to do it – it means that you are the person who is ready to lead the others. And it is important to develop this wonderful quality, because leadership moments must be. Society has always followed the wiser, more active and purposeful person, it is easier for society to live that way.

Observe those who hold the collective together. What does that person say and do? Notice how he motivates them to achieve their own goals, listen to how he talks to them, what advice he gives, what situation he cites as an example.

You see, you don’t just have to be willing to take on people and become a mentor for them, but you have to have a responsibility for them, and you have to have an incentive for people to really believe in what they’re doing. It turns out that you yourself must also be the No. 1 motivation for such people.

The ingenious Karl Marx once said a very wise phrase:

If you want to have an impact on other people, you have to be the locomotive man. That is, you have to be willing to literally drag people behind your ideas and encourage them to move forward.

And if you don’t have that kind of fervor. And if you’re not ready to become a locomotive. And if you don’t have enough incentive to do that, then you shouldn’t take the task. You don’t need to be a leader, no matter how beautiful the prospect looks.

Why not? It’s just not enough. It’s not enough for people to follow you, or for you to have any effect on others.

Leadership is a heavy burden; it is an enormous burden of responsibility. Not every individual is able to cope with it.

Of course, to be an influential person does not have to be a leader. But these skills still need to be developed:

  • Communication skills;
  • Empathy;
  • Persuasive skills.

Having developed these skills in the future you will be able to effectively influence the decisions of the people around you.

However, be prepared for difficulties. This is what Marx said:

Becoming an influential person is not easy. You must to find the incentives that will drive people’s aspirations forward.

If you succeed and managed to “get through” to the person, he made a decision, thought about many things, and took the first step based on your advice and motivation, it means that you were able to influence him. It means that all this work was not in vain and you know how to influence those around you.

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