20 signs of a confident woman

20 signs of a confident woman

Have you noticed that some women have everything: a man who carries them in his arms, a good job that brings pleasure in addition to income, travel and a busy and interesting life. Others don’t. Their husband is just a “seal on the couch”. On top of this, these women have a job they don’t like, from the category of “because you have to live somehow”, and their whole life is a complete routine (work-home-supermarket). It’s just endless Groundhog Day.

Why does this happen? Are the stars aligned in the wrong way? Is karma bad? Just bad luck? No, no and no. There is only one right answer to that question. And that’s low self-esteem. If a woman thinks she is not worthy of beautiful courtship, expensive gifts and financial success, she won’t have it all.

Do you want people to love you? Then first and foremost love yourself!

It sounds banal, but it’s a fact. Thoughts of yourself create your environment. If you think you are Cinderella, you will live among the dirty dishes. If you think you are a Queen, you will live in a castle with a king. Try to assess yourself. Here is a list of qualities of a confident woman.

So, the confident woman:

  1. Has a positive attitude. She does not criticize, does not argue, is not jealous or offended;
  2. Knows how to let things go, knows how to relax;
  3. Knows her emotional needs and knows how to meet them;
  4. Is not responsible for other people’s emotions, has a healthy immunity to manipulation;
  5. Is not embarrassed about her emotions, cries when she is sad and laughs when she feels good;
  6. Accepts her own and others’ mistakes;
  7. Clearly knows what she wants in life and relationships;
  8. Does not have high expectations, so she is not disappointed and can accept rejection calmly;
  9. Well aware of her strengths and weaknesses, proud of the former and able to live with the latter;
  10. Finds and realizes her talents, feels harmony in body and soul;
  11. Is aware of their uniqueness, is not trying to seem like someone;
  12. Do not suffer from loneliness, does not suffer without attention, she is able to find things to do;
  13. Stress resistant, she adapts easily to changes;
  14. Can and loves to learn;
  15. Can set personal boundaries, is not afraid to be “uncomfortable”;
  16. Possesses ease in communication and flexibility in problem solving;
  17. Can listen actively, has empathy, but does not take on someone else’s negativity;
  18. Has clear principles and always understands what is right and what is wrong for her;
  19. Can prioritize, plan and have time;
  20. Loves herself.

If one of these things didn’t work out for you, then now is the time to work on it. There’s no point in expecting a better life if you don’t put in the effort. Water does not flow under a lying stone.

What do you do? How to become a confident woman? In this you will help our blog Optimist.pw, which collected thousands of useful articles on how to succeed, change yourself and your life for the better.

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