5 signs from angels you can’t ignore

5 signs from angels you can’t ignore

Signs from Angels help us feel a direct connection, strengthen our intuition and give us the confidence to move forward. There are quite a few ways through which Angels try to tell us something, warn us or remind us of something important.

Angels are our guardians and guides. They are divine spiritual beings of love and light who work with humanity to help us in this life. Guardian Angels are unique to each person. Each of us has a different team of Angels. For some it may be one Angel, for others it may be a whole cast.

You can always ask for more if you feel the need. The Angels respect your free will and will not directly interfere in your life unless you ask. When you ask, your angels will communicate with you through your intuitive feelings and in many other ways.

When you are unsure of a decision, you can always ask them for a sign to confirm your feelings. Signs from angels help us feel a direct connection, strengthen our intuition and give us confidence to move forward.

Through signs, Angels also lead us in subtle ways all the time, especially when they want our attention. Your Angels know your desires, your dreams, your shortcomings, your strengths and weaknesses, your future, past and present. Your Angels know the real you!

Because of this unique connection, along with the energy of their unconditional love, your Angels understand you in a very deep and meaningful way. They know what you really want and what is really best for you and how to help you create something. Your Angels give you advice, inspiration and ideas to help you create and realize your dreams.

So, let’s now look at 5 signs from the Angels that you’d better listen to and not ignore:

1. Tinnitus

The ringing in your ears (the tone and variety is different for each person) is a very common way the Angels reach out to us. It is a sign of confirmation: what you are saying or thinking at the moment of intense ringing, where you may even feel some pressure in your ear, is something important. In this case, your Angels are asking you to pay attention to the fact that you are on the right track with your intuition.

2. Number 11

Numbers are a universal language and Angels use them to communicate. Repeating sequences of numbers contain a message, depending on the number you see. 11 is an awakening. Your Angels are begging you to “wake up” spiritually and come to a truth that you doubt but know is true.

3. Feathers

Finding a feather is a clear sign from your Angel to have faith. The confidence that all will be well and that you are not alone. It is a reminder to ask your Angels for help and guidance, not to fight the problem alone.

4. Hawks

The hawk is a symbol of intuition. Angels send hawks to you as a sign to follow your instincts, because your intuition at this time is absolutely right. Even though your point of view may differ from others. A hawk is a powerful sign not to ignore what you know is a warning to avoid future problems.

5. Solar plexus

Your solar plexus chakra or energy center (located a couple of centimeters above your belly) is very sensitive to energy. This is why your intuition is also called “gut instinct.” Your Angels send sensations to this area to alert you when something isn’t going quite right.

This can feel like nausea, tightness, butterflies and even a little discomfort. Don’t ignore these feelings, pay attention to what’s going on. For example, if you feel nauseous every time you are around a certain person, this is a sign that something is wrong and you need to be aware and act accordingly.

These five signs are important aspects of Angels’ communication with us. And the more we follow their signs, the stronger our own intuitive feelings will become.

We can always look to our Angels for additional guidance regarding any event. Believe me, the Angels will definitely be able to reach us in one way or another and in the way that is most acceptable to us at the right moment.

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