The parable of the billionaire and his son

The parable of the billionaire and his son

If you’re not happy with what you have in life, it’s time to change your perspective. It’s time to look at what’s going on around you differently and change tactics. Or perhaps to leave where you are.

Today I am going to tell you an interesting parable about a one rich family and the relationship between a billionaire and his son.

So, once upon a time, there was a billionaire, and he raised his son in austerity, and he did not give him a lot of easy money. First his son studied, then he had a long internship in one of his father’s businesses.

The time came, and the son showed the first good results. His father invited him and told him that he had prepared a special gift for him.

The father led his son into the huge garage. The son froze in anticipation. There was a car standing there. Only he couldn’t see what brand of car it was, just a silhouette covered with a dense cloth.

The billionaire led his son to the car and said:

– I have the first meaningful gift for you. I hope you make the most of it.

– Oh, Father! Thank you very much.

Then billionaire removed the cloth. And the son was very disappointed. It wasn’t an expensive modern car like he expected. It was an old-fashioned, rather shabby, but quite sturdy car.

The parable of the billionaire and his son

After a few seconds of incredulous silence, the father spoke:

– Many years ago I bought this car with the first profit from my business. It’s very dear to me.

– Are you suggesting I drive it? – Son doubted.

– No, I have a better idea for you. Go and sell this car, and with the money received buy any car you want.

– Dad, are you kidding? How much will I get for this piece of junk?

– Don’t jump to conclusions. Find someone who’ll pay you a lot of money.

The son agreed to his father’s demand. He started the car and drove it into town.

At first he tried to sell the car at the local car market, but the buyers wouldn’t give him more than a couple thousand dollars for it, and they also made hurtful remarks.

He complained to his father that it was impossible to sell this car junk for much, but his father said:

– You’re just selling to the wrong person and in the wrong place.

The son decided to try his luck again with selling the car and went to a car dealership. They inspected the car and offered him four thousand dollars for it. That didn’t seem enough to him (because he couldn’t afford to buy the car he wanted with that money).

And again he came to his father with the same question. But his father repeated the same words:

– You’re just selling to the wrong person and in the wrong place.

Then the son went to a vintage car showroom. His car was surrounded there, looked at, admired. And they offered quite a different amount of money for it – as much as $90 thousand! After all it was quite a rare car that hadn’t been manufactured for a long time.

The son praised the result to his father, who replied:

– Now I see that you have successfully learned another important life lesson. Always remember the story of that car. Yes, it so happens that a person with outstanding abilities, skills or some valuable product, service, may not be appreciated and not demanded in one place. But in another place, they are waiting for them and are willing to pay a lot for them. Son remember that it is important to find your place. You should not stop at the first market you see, if you are not valued there. You have to keep going and find your place.

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