What are you: a human being of the Sun or of the Moon?

What are you: a human being of the Sun or of the Moon?

Do you love the bright sun, its searing golden rays, sunny clear days? Or do you like twilight, shade, cozy evening, even night? Do you close your windows and feel better on cloudy days?

It turns out that not all people like sunshine. But not everyone has the courage to admit it. Some psychologists even criticize the “people of the shadow side”.

They claim, supposedly, that in the soul of such people everything is unclean. There is a ball of snakes inside them, and they themselves are wary, cunning and duplicitous. You should not trust such people.

Personally, I don’t think so. My opinion is that both the sun and the moon are equally important. Don’t take love of the sun as a sign of a beautiful person. And vice versa. Even villains love the sun. Even predators like to bask in the sunlight after a hearty meal.

But there really are sun people and moon people. They are two different kinds of people, that’s all. The Sun man is in a better mood on a sunny day. He feels better physically and mentally. He can sunbathe for hours at a time; he tries to walk on the sunny side of the street. He loves bright light! He loves attention and is able to attract it.

These are people who can control others. If they want power, they will come to it. Their mind is clear and their decisions are practical. The sun recharges their battery, gives them the strength to succeed. And they choose sunny countries for their vacations. It is their resource.

A man of the Sun needs recognition and applause. He can shine on the stage as well as in life. He is highly dependent on the love of the people around him. Not without reason they say: “to bask in the rays of glory”, “shine”, “his lordship”…

And people of the moon and twilight are poets and mystics. They subtly feel the mood of others, see their soul through. Intuition, dreams, premonitions: Twilight Man can have it all. They tire quickly in the sun. It’s not that they don’t like sunlight; they just get tired of it. And they’re good on cool, overcast days. Or in the evening, after sunset.

They are thinkers and philosophers. Their inner eye sees things that dazzling light prevents them from seeing. They ponder and feel, live an inner life. They distinguish the halves and shades of human feelings… These people are just different, more often than not – introverts. Caring, tenderness, trust – that’s what Moon people need.

You have to understand yourself. And understand others. Some people walk on the sunny side of the street, others on the shady side. Some receive the energy of the sun, others the energy of the moon.

The main thing is not to push others and not to mock them. Just stick to your side of the street, that’s all. And trust your feelings, your senses, seek your purpose: solar or lunar. That’s when you can succeed and live in harmony with the Sun, the Moon, and other people…

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