It’s all right. It’s nothing wrong with you

It’s all right. It’s nothing wrong with you

It is very important to love yourself, not only your name, your life history, your occupation, and not only your reflection in the mirror. By self, I mean to love not only my entire perception and all that is perceived, but also the very capacity to perceive oneself right now. Loving oneself means appreciating the very possibility of perception.

Not even perception itself, but the possibility itself, which can express itself in joy, pleasure, pain and sadness, to value the possibility for effort and to value the possibility for relaxation.

If you don’t love yourself (almost everyone doesn’t love themselves to some degree or another), you cannot be satisfied in life, no matter what you do, no matter what you own, no matter where you are. You are still unhappy and unselectively doomed to search for your own contentment and happiness.

When you love yourself, you do not do violence to your own body, you are simply not interested in it-not in any achievement and not in any benefit that achievement promises. You don’t need to become anything, you don’t need to improve your appearance or your body. You don’t even have to try to keep your appearance or your body in any “right” or “beautiful” or “good” condition.

It sounds very strange, but that’s exactly what it is: you just don’t do anything unnecessary with your body, you don’t do violence, and when you stop doing violence, you no longer need any special, conscious restorations or improvements.

In every moment you are precisely aware inside, in your very center, that there is nothing wrong with you, that there is nothing wrong with you. Try to allow that tiny thought. Let it into yourself and savor it for a little while. Allow that thought to germinate in you right now – “I’m all right!”. Leave that text for a couple of minutes, a little later you can come back to it again.

Right now, feel your completeness, your confidence.

You don’t need to talk yourself into it, you don’t need to look in the mirror for it, you don’t need someone’s authority or ministry or evaluation for it. You already know exactly, without a single doubt, without a single evaluation, without a single comparison. You already know, even without knowledge, that there is nothing wrong with you in general, including your body, regardless of its current state.

When you see that there is nothing wrong with you and stop criticizing, raping, improving, perfecting your body first physically and then mentally. When you stop reaching – you become nonviolent including outside of the body. You instantly stop demanding, resenting, jealous, wanting, waiting, envying, getting angry, insisting, arguing, fighting, trying to win victories, taking revenge, overreaching, insisting on your own – all this becomes unnecessary.

You find yourself free from all this junk and from much else in your life.

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