What is dangerous to eat for breakfast? The most harmful food

What is dangerous to eat for breakfast? The most harmful food

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Even as the saying goes: “Eat breakfast yourself, share lunch with a friend, and give dinner to the enemy”.

But only a few of us really consider breakfast a special occasion and eat foods that should not be eaten on an empty stomach at all!

Smoked and Spicy Foods

The first most dangerous product for breakfast is a variety of smoked and spicy foods. Such a breakfast can cause considerable damage to our body: irritation of the mucous membranes will adversely affect the other digestive organs.

This category also includes raw smoked sausage and cheese, bacon, onions, garlic and other popular breakfast foods. This is wrong. Eliminate them from your morning diet.

What is dangerous to eat for breakfast? The most harmful food

Fresh juices and morses

Yes, yes, freshly squeezed juices and morsels so popularly touted as breakfast drinks actually do more harm than good. Especially to our stomach.

When they enter the stomach there is almost the same effect as from a smoked meal – the mucosa is irritated by the acid contained in the fruit, and it is very unhappy with everything going on around it. Therefore, the orange juice loved by many for breakfast is better to postpone for lunch or afternoon snack.

What is dangerous to eat for breakfast? The most harmful food

Water with lemon or vinegar

Almost all modern diets advise us to drink water with lemon in order to reduce appetite and lose weight. But unfortunately, few people think about the consequences for our digestive system.

Both lemon and vinegar contain the real acid. Imagine that there is nothing in the stomach, and you pour acid on top of it: what do you think happens to it at this time?

Both lemon water and water with vinegar can be drunk, but only not on an empty stomach, so as not to irritate the stomach and intestines. If you are on a diet and thus trying to lose weight, it is better to just drink simple warm water.

What is dangerous to eat for breakfast? The most harmful food

Sweets and desserts

If you want to stay healthy, you should not eat sweets in the form of chocolate, muffins, cakes and candy for breakfast.

Consumption of sweet foods on an empty stomach can lead to a spike in fast carbohydrates and blood sugar levels in the body. Such a sugar spike has a negative effect on the health of the blood system.

As for the appetite, you will not get rid of it with chocolate bars or muffins for breakfast. On the contrary, satiation with fast carbohydrates will make your appetite for food even greater.

Don’t forget that sweets contain many more carbohydrates and fats than regular foods. Replacing normal food with chocolate bars will do you nothing to lose weight. That is why it is better to refrain from eating sweets in the morning.

What is dangerous to eat for breakfast? The most harmful food

As for other bad habits for breakfast. Of course, you should not drink alcohol on an empty stomach. First of all, you will become intoxicated right from the morning and will not be able to be productive. Second, alcohol when consumed on an empty stomach will be absorbed into the bloodstream faster than food, so a quick intoxication won’t be long in coming.

As for coffee. Yes, it is an ideal drink for consumption in the morning and quick awakening, but everything is good in moderation. The main thing is not to abuse a lot of coffee. Remember that coffee promotes the production of hydrochloric acid in the body, which subsequently can lead to gastritis or ulcers.

What should be the perfect breakfast: tasty and healthy?

First, your diet should include complex carbohydrates: cereals, wholemeal bread, vegetables and fruits. Secondly, they are proteins, which are found in eggs, cottage cheese and lean meat. We are not going to focus on them here, as there are already several articles on our blog.

Eat right and be healthy! I hope my article was useful and interesting for you!

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