How to lose lower abdominal fat?

How to lose lower abdominal fat?

Often lower abdominal fat is ascribed some fantastic properties, called “problematic”, “hormonal”, or “extremely difficult”. The truth is that the fat cells throughout the body are the same, and although the places of greatest fat deposition are different for everyone, the fat cells (adipocytes) are the same everywhere, which means that lipolysis will inevitably cope with them!

The first rule you need to follow is to abandon all unworkable or mythical methods! That way you won’t waste a lot of time and money, which means that all the efforts you undertake further will lead you to your goal in the shortest possible time and with the greatest efficiency!

Useless or mythical techniques to lose lower abdominal fat:

  • Massage or any mechanical or vibrating action on the abdomen;
  • Any creams and belts for weight loss, wraps, cosmetic procedures;
  • Injectable lipolysis. Some people praise it very much, but so far I have not seen good results, also tried it myself, but nothing but swelling in the lower abdomen I did not notice;
  • Liposuction. This is a horrible, expensive and useless way to combat fat. While you are recovering from surgery, a new layer of fat is already growing in the same place. Proper eating habits are not developed by liposuction. You can gain 2 kg of fat in a week, and one surgery usually removes no more than 1-2 kg of fat;
  • Pumping the press with exercises. A abs workout cannot remove even 1 gram of belly fat in a workout;
  • Sauna, restricted drinking, sweating, sweat wraps – all its useless! Drink water and lower adominal fat is back;
  • Vacuum exercise. It also does not help in any way to remove belly fat, its benefit lies in tightening the muscles under the fat.

Now let’s move on to the most effective technique for removing fat.

An effective way to get rid of belly fat:

  1. Start counting calories;
  2. Every day we eat the same number of calories (a man can start with 2000 calories, it is definitely not small, for a girl maximum 1500 calories respectively);
  3. Adhere to a healthy diet of healthy products;
  4. You can make B (protein) 45%, G (fat) 15%, U (carbohydrates) 40%, and so eat every day. You can alternate one day 45/15/40, the second day 55/25/10 and that would work great too (probably even better)!
  5. Measure your waist with a measuring tape every morning, and…;
  6. If within 3-4 days you have not reduced the waist circumference and body weight by the results of measurements and weighing, cut the caloric intake by 5-10%.

How to lose lower abdominal fat?

And most importantly:

Work on your body relief

If we just remove calories from the diet, then regardless of the presence or absence of cardio training, we will lose weight, and the fat below the abdomen will all burn off! This will happen even faster with cardio workouts, but don’t rush to run to the stadium!

The fact is that when the belly fat is gone, the body will be ugly, too thin. It is possible that the thinness will be downright painful! The thing is that cardio workouts and low-calorie diet, contribute to a steady increase in the hormone cortisol, which is bad for health, and does not contribute to the beauty of the body (flabby, exhaustion).

The way out will be to exercise in a mode of 8-12 reps, with a break of at least 2-3 minutes between sets. It is not a cardio mode at all, but such training contributes to high anabolism of muscles, and you get a beautiful and athletic body!

How to lose lower abdominal fat?

Pay attention that all who work out without chemistry, retain more muscles, and do not become so thin, if do not decrease working weights too much, use BCAA amino acids (at least 10 grams per day). Protein on a drying out is impossible to drink, because the manufacturer “slowly” adds “carbohydrates” to it. Alas and ah, verified by laboratory tests!

Therefore, if you have already made the decision to lose belly fat and specifically lose weight, be sure to consult with your fitness trainer. Ideal: if he or she chooses an individual program for your strength and weight.

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