How did I cure dandruff with simple tar soap?

How did I cure dandruff with simple tar soap?

Dandruff is an unpleasant thing. Not only does my hair get covered with unsightly white dots, but my head itches all the time.

Dandruff is also hard to get rid of. I’ve tried everything: Head & Shoulders, Shauma, Nizoral and other shampoos – all had no effect. Or the effect was, but short-lived – only for a couple of days.

I was beginning to despair that I’ll never be able to cure dandruff. When one day a girlfriend told me to try to wash my hair with a simple tar soap. According to her: she washed with it for a year and there is no dandruff in the hair.

Tar soap is cheap in the store, it is not a problem to buy it. Yes, it does not smell very good and its color is not the most beautiful. But, in spite of this, has beneficial properties and is very effective in the antibacterial plan. It is no coincidence that our ancestors used it.

I decided to throw out all the shampoos and wash my hair only with it. It was a one-month experiment. What did I achieve? The dandruff on my head completely disappeared, the dermatitis on my skin went away. But what’s more interesting: tar soap helped me get rid of acne. All the acne on my face disappeared.

I do not pay attention to the unpleasant smell of tar soap, because my health is more important to me. I even like the scent of it. I have been washing my head and face with it for a month, and I have never regretted it.

If you still have doubts that this product will help you, here are a few advantages of tar soap:

  1. If you have itching, skin dermatitis, then the soap will reduce inflammation, and the healing of warts will be faster;
  2. If you have dandruff, experts recommend washing your head with tar soap. It is good for seborrhea;
  3. To wash your head, you can also buy tar shampoo, but after its use it is necessary to rinse the hair with conditioner, so you can comb your hair;
  4. If you suffer from acne, that is, you are bothered by pimples, the use of tar soap will prevent their appearance or reduce the number of unpleasant formations. After washing your face, your skin will be clean and there will be no oily sheen;
  5. The soap also helps against thrush. It fights candida fungus.

Also, tar soap is used for dogs and cats so that they are not bothered by fleas and lice. That’s why my cat Mason silently says “thank you” to me when I wash him with it.

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