3 signs that a woman hasn’t been in a relationship for a long time

3 signs that a woman hasn’t been in a relationship for a long time

Hello, friends. I want to share simple and clear signs that will allow you to understand that a woman has been without a relationship for a long time and has become weary of male attention. I worked as a female psychologist for several years and I know very well how it looks from the outside.

On the one hand, such a woman can be outwardly pretty and interesting, look after herself, be well-read, on the other hand, she often has a complicated character that creates big problems in relationships.

Still, there is a reason why she cannot find a mate, since beauty and intelligence do not help.

1. She tries to do everything herself and doesn’t ask for help

Single women are usually very and very independent. They are not used to being cared for. They don’t know how to say: “Can you help me, please?”. When they are helped, they are surprised and even somehow frightened. It is not usual for them that a man is willing to do something for nothing.

More than once I have seen such women open doors, carry heavy things, pretend at work that everything is fine. Of course it is nice at first, it seems that here she is so good and independent, but in reality they will be silent and tolerate problems to the last, and then explode with a tantrum or a serious scandal.

2. She is used to commanding and loves to argue

It’s almost always the female commanders. Everything has to be at their beck and call. How to drive the car, how to park, where to buy food, how to make repairs, how to work and even how to rest. This will be hard for any man, because such women do not like not being listened to.

Of course, it’s hard to blame them. After all, such ladies are used to not having a man around to take the lead. A single woman finds it difficult to listen to a man, not to argue with him. A woman can stubborn and be very, very stubborn. There is no habit of entrusting her fate to someone.

3. She doesn’t understand the kind of man she wants

And, of course, single women are very often withdrawn. And also confused in themselves, in their desires. They do not understand whether they need a hard and serious man, or soft and kind? Rich or not necessarily? A jokester or a businessman? Romantic or down-to-earth?

They want one or the other. Dozens of times I’ve seen single women reject promising suitors and then regret it themselves, but it’s too late. It’s hard for them to make a decision and start dating a man. The suitor tries to convince her that she is not afraid, but she still refuses and avoids serious conversations.

These are the signs. In my opinion, a woman who avoids a relationship becomes cold, inwardly distrustful, closed off, and unspiritual. Outwardly she can be pretty, but there is no warmth inside. She, of course, feels bad about it herself. But whether to try to melt such ice is up to you.

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