What happens to body if eat a lot of sunflower seeds?

What happens to body if eat a lot of sunflower seeds?

Sunflower seeds are not only a treasure trove of healthy vitamins and minerals, but also a very addictive food. Once you start eating them, it can be hard to stop. 🙂 But what happens if you eat seeds in large quantities? How will it affect your health?

In fact, nothing terrible will happen, if you eat them in moderation. On the contrary, if you eat a lot of sunflower seeds and they will be of unknown quality and origin, there is a great risk of harming your health.

The benefits of eating sunflower seeds

1. Your cardiovascular system will become more stronger

Sunflower seeds contain many useful substances. Among them are vegetable fats, fat-soluble vitamins, magnesium, zinc, calcium and B vitamins.

Just 50 grams of sunflower seeds is enough to fully meet the daily requirement of vitamin E. This powerful antioxidant neutralizes the damaging effects of free radicals in our body

Vitamin E prevents the development of many diseases: atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction, thrombosis of veins and arteries. Daily consumption of sunflower seeds can reduce blood cholesterol levels.

2. Your digestive system will work better

Seeds contain a lot of fiber, which improves the gastrointestinal tract. They also normalize the acid-base balance. That is why they are often recommended as a remedy for heartburn.

3. They will lift your spirits and improve brain function

Consumption of a small amount of sunflower seeds has a positive effect on brain function: memory improves, concentration increases. Sunflower seeds contain omega-3 fatty acids, which increase brain activity and have a positive effect on the whole body! In addition, they contain tryptophan, which stimulates the production of serotonin in the brain.

And, of course, our nervous system calms down, peace of mind is restored. By cracking sunflower seeds, we are very quickly distracted from pressing worries and problems. Also with their help we can reduce the craving for cigarettes.

Now let’s talk about the cons.

The dangers of eating sunflower seeds

1. High possibility of gaining excess weight

Despite their small size, sunflower seeds are a very caloric product. In 100 grams there are about 600 kcal. And this is a full meal! If you eat a packet of sunflower seeds every day, you can gain a lot of weight.

Also, you should not eat sunflower seeds roasted. Frying them destroys their nutrients or makes them harmful.

2. They can ruin tooth enamel

If you eat sunflower seeds often, the dentists will definitely not praise you. The fact is that cracks and cavities can appear. Because of the constant pressure on the teeth, the enamel is thinning. Subsequently, it can crack, which can cause the tooth to break altogether.

3. They may contain harmful substances

The sunflower is a very susceptible plant, so it absorbs everything from the environment. It also absorbs exhaust fumes and chemicals.

What happens to body if eat a lot of sunflower seeds?

This plant is particularly fond of cadmium. Accumulating in the human body, this element causes damage to the urinary and reproductive systems. The kidneys are especially affected. Also due to the reduced absorption of iron, anemia often occurs.

To reduce the risk of eating bad seeds, buy only the same, trusted brands, or better yet: buy them peeled, without the skin.

If I eat a lot of sunflower seeds, can I get appendicitis?

These things are not related to each other. Although a lot of people believe in this myth. It used to be believed that the swallowed shells from seeds and stones from fruit “clog” the cecum and cause inflammation. But medics have long ago disproved this possibility of infection.

Doctors have studied 2,000 case histories with the disease “appendicitis”. Only eight patients had remnants of seeds in their appendix.

To eat or not to eat?

As we have seen, this product has both advantages and disadvantages. However, the benefits of sunflower seeds and the vitamins and minerals they contain still outweigh the possible harm. But the quality of the product is no less important (do not forget about the effects of exhaust gases and other chemicals).

And yet it’s better not to abuse the seeds and eat them no more than twice a week. And it is better to give preference to the unroasted ones.

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