Children are a reflection of their parents’ karma

Children are a reflection of their parents’ karma

The human comes into this world with his own special, unique mission. Going on his journey, he is going not only to fulfill his own mission, his unique purpose, but also to make sure that he helpes his parents.

Yes, the little man comes to explain something to his parents. To set them on the right path. Someone – to make them stronger. Some to make them more flexible, some to make them softer. The arrival of a child can change a person’s life completely, dramatically and forever.

Parents, on the contrary, consider the child their “cross” and complain about him, instead of understanding what valuable he brings them, what he pushes them to do. But it is not so.

If an adult, an old man looks back at his life and honestly analyzes it, he will see that most of his merits, victories, achievements are things he would never have done if he had not had children.

A child is the engine, it is the strongest motivator. He pushes his parent forward. Shows him how capable he really is. How selfless, enduring, patient and kind he can really be.

Often the child also shows the parent a different view of life. And the adult should take a closer look and listen. Isn’t the child telling the truth?

The soul of a child always chooses a parent out of great love, out of a great desire to help the parent manifest himself as much as possible. Even if the higher purpose is not clear to you, it is definitely there.

Think about it: how much better and wiser you have become as parents.

If an adult child is distant from you, if you rarely hug and say kind words, then somewhere you have made a mistake, you have not heard, you have not understood. But it is never too late to understand, if only you wanted to.

And if a child is sick, he came to make you stronger. Teach you to enjoy life, no matter what. Teach to see happiness in the simplest little things. Teach to show you that you are incredibly strong. Yes, such a child is a special gift, and not everyone can handle it.

The сhildren are a reflection of their parents’ karma. And if suddenly the infant chooses a difficult program (for example, is born with congenital diseases or vices), it is not so much a punishment as one of the ways of enlightening those through whom it came. It means that Life has no other way of rousing adults and making them think than through a beloved child who is always in sight, who is loved and valued.

Many experts are of the opinion that the baby’s soul is already close to the mother beforehand. Often the expectant mother subconsciously feels that soon there will be a miracle in her life. This confirms the fact that some parents cannot get pregnant for a long time, despite their health and financial situation. The explanation for all this on the one hand is simple, on the other incomprehensible – the incompatibility of souls.

Is it possible to prove or disprove all this? Neither is it. Despite all the progress of technology, there are still many unexplainable things in human life as we come into this world. One thing is certain, though: our children are a reflection of ourselves, whether we like it or not.

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