How our words prevent us from being happy?

How our words prevent us from being happy?

What is happiness? In fact, it is a strange phenomenon. For some, it’s just sleeping through the night and not feeling pain. For some, it’s drinking clean water. For someone it’s sailing on a yacht and scooping black caviar with a ladle.

The main thing is that the Universe gives each person the opportunity to be happy. It is for himself to be the one who feels happiness. Another thing is that man himself does everything not to experience happiness: he scares away, does not notice, passes by, hides under a blanket of fears, disbelief in his own strength, etc.

One of the most vicious destroyers of happiness is closedness to everything new, when a person lives in his habitual box and does not even show his nose outside. He dreams of being happy, rants about happiness, but is still immersed with his head in old problems, thoughts and experiences.

Our thoughts shape our consciousness and our attitude toward the world. Through thoughts and words we create the world in which we live. And the more often we say something bad, the more likely it will happen to us.

And happiness is also discouraged by the insincerity of the person. Such a skill, when a person is all one solid negativity and a billion “prickles”. There is nothing to surprise him, nothing to inspire him, he already knows everything, nothing will work out for him, everything has been taken away and all the good things have been taken away.

In addition to these two “deterrents” there are other phrases with which we shoot happiness, as from a “grenade launcher”.

Phrases to forget if you want to be happy

Complain about an unattractive appearance

When you say some of these words out all the time:

  • “I have an ugly face”;
  • “I’m fat”;
  • “I have an ugly figure” and so on,

then you yourself make others believe it. The universe hears these words and takes it as your acceptance of your present situation and keeps you in this shape and form. It doesn’t understand that this is sarcasm and your secret desire to become slim and somehow transform yourself externally.

So you need to forget about complaining about your appearance. And if you set a goal to become better, you need to say:

I’m not the most attractive right now, but I definitely will be!

After that you need to go straight to action: go to a beauty salon, fitness center, start working on yourself. You need to have clear goals: why and for what you need to lose weight, what exactly will give a change in appearance, etc.

“I will never do that”

The universe doesn’t like that phrase very much. Do you know why? Saying it out loud, you automatically put yourself in the position of the Almighty creator himself, who has the power to control life and fate, to rule and decide. But that’s not true.

To besiege such a person who arrogantly proclaimed himself a freelance creator, fate necessarily throws up surprises in the form of situations, about which it was previously said “I never”.

So that the person suddenly finds himself in that skin, goes through it and understands that it is not good to judge other people and decide how they are better or worse, and at the same time putting himself up a notch higher. If this phrase cannot be replaced by anything else, then please be specific about what exactly you are talking about and about what point in time: reasons, point of view, etc.

“Her/his problems are ridiculous compared to mine”

Most often, the universe responds to this words so: “Oh, you don’t have enough problems? Why didn’t you say so before? Here’s more!”.

Yes, perhaps from the outside it looks ridiculous how a person can’t make up his mind and walk away from someone who torments and tyrannizes. Only you are bragging at this time, and then you go off to your quiet life. And the person may have nowhere else to go, and for him it is a trauma and he is so lost that it’s scary to even think about life in the future.

Be sure to talk specifically about the situation, offer help if possible, talk about what the other person could have done if they were strong, brave and had other options. Something like that, but not in a snappy way, like: “What a trifle!”.

Especially it is also about the inner envy of other people’s good life. For example, many women today reason like this when they talk to their girlfriends: “Oh, she can’t choose diamonds! I wish I had your problems!”. But you only see what you want to see (diamonds). You don’t know the reasons and circumstances of such a purchase. Maybe she’s paying for those diamonds with her youth. Or maybe he cheated on her with another woman, and that’s why he gives her this expensive gift…

We do not know other people’s lives, we are given our own. And we are also given our own destiny.

Don’t envy and don’t wish others harm. Especially when it comes to money. The money and the wealth are a separate topic. Not everyone is able to endure it morally, so it is not given to everyone.

“I can’t do it. I don’t know how”

These words kill all motivation in you. By thinking this way you deny all the possibilities in front of you, you deny all the possible positive outcomes of the event. After all, such a phrase is pronounced affirmatively, with a firm decision, what will happen after the collapse.

The universe, seeing your indifference, is indifferent to you. It gives you what you ask for and quietly goes on to do other things. Without success, you become broken. What are you broken about? Was the request that you can’t do it? So don’t do it, and don’t have success! And sit quietly in your swamp.

Remember: Never say the phrase “I can’t do it”. It’s better to replace it with: “I’ll TRY to do it, make every effort and see the result!”.  Also replace the phrase “I don’t know how” with “It’s never too late to learn. I may not be able to do it right away, but afterwards I can do it and do it well”.

“I don’t even know what I want”

This is my favorite phrase. When I hear it, my eye almost twitches. I mean, you’re standing there talking to a grown man, you look at him, you see him as adequate, normally developing, and then, bam, he comes out: “I don’t even know what I want”. Ha! But who knows then? Who do you go ask? Who’s responsible for your fate, buddy?

The universe doesn’t like that kind of wishful thinking. It needs specifics. Concreteness means that the person is firmly convinced of what he needs. It means he has found his way and is walking on it with confidence. The Universe respects this and helps.

When a person has looked around, has picked up a string of desires and dreams, but he is simply not ready, not mature for life, has not learned the lessons, has no experience, is hanging out in space a blotch of some kind of thoughts. Through unpleasant situations that we don’t expect, the personality is strengthened. All the unforeseen events that have fallen on our heads are most often the results of our “I don’t even know what I want”.

When people ask you specifically what your dreams are, what you want, where you plan to go to work, who you plan to build a life with, and so on, answer clearly. Don’t be afraid to voice your desires and intentions.

The insecure people are always unhappy. It’s not because they are insecure, but because they don’t know what they want.

If a cook, let’s say, doesn’t know what he is cooking and just throws any ingredients into the pot, he will get a dish that will make everyone sick. If a woman doesn’t even know if she wants to marry this man or not, then the woman doesn’t even know who she is or what is happening to her in this life. She certainly has no business being married. If a man doesn’t even know what he wants to do, he will never succeed because he won’t invest with interest in his life’s work. And he will remain a loser who complains about everybody.

That’s why it’s important to take responsibility for your life, your thoughts and your words. Imagine that your life is a movie, and you are the producer, writer, and director in it, and the actors are other people. Your place is at the camera, you decide what kind of movie it will be, not others.

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