You can have lunch or breakfast. But don’t eat anymore. Japanese method of losing weight

You can have lunch or breakfast. But don’t eat anymore. Japanese method of losing weight

Many of you have probably noticed Japanese women whose age is difficult to determine, no matter how hard we try. Almost all Japanese women really do look young, regardless of their biological age. Why does this happen?

In recent years, scientists have paid special attention to the sirtuin gene, the one responsible for cell regeneration, youth, and beauty. One of the conditions for the activation of this gene, which controls our aging processes, is an “empty stomach”. In other words, the gene does not become active if you are not hungry for a certain period of time.

It is likely that people who believe that eating three meals a day is the foundation of health will find the idea of one meal a day absurd, but it actually has a solid medical basis. What is attractive about this method is that there are no specific restrictions on what is to be eaten. It means that you can eat whatever you want!

There is an amazing book “Being Hungry Makes You Healthy: One Meal a Day and You’ll Look 20 Years Younger!”. It details how to preserve your body, make it healthy and delay old age.

You can have lunch or breakfast. But don't eat anymore. Japanese method of losing weight

How can this book be helpful?

Most importantly, sticking to the advices in this book will make it easier for you to lose weight.

The second benefit of this method is longevity. The author of the book notes that as you switch to a new eating regimen, your health will improve, you will no longer have any desire to eat unnecessary foods or foods that can harm your body. In other words, you will automatically become healthy and lose excess weight, and your skin will regain its youthfulness. What could be more exciting than this?

What is the essence of this diet?

By “one meal diet” Nagumo means short-term fasting of body. In other words, you don’t eat or drink any caloric beverages during the day.

You can have lunch or breakfast. But don’t eat anymore. Calories must go into your body only one hour out of twenty-four.

Generally, people eat closer to the evening, but you can choose the time that suits you best. Someone recommends consuming only healthy foods. In fact, there are no restrictions in this matter. The main thing is to follow the regime.

You can have lunch or breakfast. But don't eat anymore. Japanese method of losing weight

This system of getting rid of excess weight has a number of advantages:

  1. You can eat whatever you like, and you will still lose extra pounds;
  2. Blood sugar is became reduced, which is especially good for diabetics;
  3. Cardiovascular and nervous system activity improves, and your memory gets better;
  4. Life expectancy increases;
  5. The appearance of the person changes for the better.

The disadvantages of this approach are that for the first time, until the body rebuilds itself, there may be a feeling of weakness, irritability, nervousness, and a constant feeling of hunger. But with time it passes, there appears lightness and satisfaction with oneself and one’s body.

Without noticing it, you will change not only your diet, but also the choice of food, giving preference only to the most useful products for the body.

As your eating habits change, your overall health will improve. In addition, you simply will not want to eat those foods that have no value to you or can harm you.

You can have lunch or breakfast. But don't eat anymore. Japanese method of losing weight

Accordingly, without making any special efforts and without torturing yourself with incomprehensible diets (often very unsafe ones), with the help of Nagumo’s method you will get rid of extra pounds once and for all and will forget about many problems related to your well-being. You will not only get your own body in order, but also return the skin youth, normal, natural color, elasticity and firmness. And all this without giving up your favorite foods and exhausting workouts (moderate exercise and sports will only improve the result, so don’t forget about it).

We have prepared a selection of the most striking quotes from the book:

  • “It is likely that regular malnutrition and the unfavorable experiences of many generations of hunger have led to the myth that one must eat three meals a day, and that eating enough food is the way to become healthy, not the other way around. Today, thanks to the availability of food and its caloric content, this is not necessary at all”;
  • “Eating once a day leads to two main goals: a beautifully toned waistline and youthful, firm skin”;
  • “In our language, “ichinichi ishoku” means “one day = one meal”. In Japan, this includes traditional national dishes: a portion of rice, vegetables, and soup. But you can choose other dishes for yourself. It all depends on your personal desire and taste preferences”;
  • “If you reduce the caloric content of the food you eat and completely switch to Japanese cuisine like low-calorie soup, fresh vegetables plus, of course, rice, then your body weight will rapidly decrease and your physical condition will improve”.

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