10 things you shouldn’t tell your relatives

10 things you shouldn’t tell your relatives

What is this article about? In brief, about the fact that happiness loves silence.

But where is the boundary of silence? How close should it be? Probably it is strange for someone to hear such things, because there should not be secrets between close and dear people.

But it is not so. Many psychologists say that in our lives there are things about which it is necessary to be silent, even with their loved ones. Yes, yes it’s exactly like that, some things you can’t talk about even with your loved ones! And here is a list of those things. Be silent about them!

1. Your earnings

This is a fairly common mistake that many people make. It’s also a stupid mistake. No matter how much money you have, you shouldn’t tell your family.

If you are well off, your relatives may start to distribute your income. They will tell you what you should and should not spend your money on. Your salary will be mentally spent, although you won’t even know about it.

2. Your debts

This topic is quite difficult, and few people want to discuss it with their relatives. You don’t really want to talk about your debts, because you can only get one thing – contempt. Even your relatives will not see you as a responsible payer, but as a debtor.

3. Your spending

You can use your hard-earned money the way you want to. And you don’t have to answer to anyone for your spending. If you feel like it, you can buy whatever you want in the store, go to cafes and restaurants.

And it’s better to keep quiet about it. Because people will probably start to judge you for being a spender, will start to give you advice that they think you should definitely follow.

4. Your problems

Your problems are yours alone, and they do not concern your relatives in any way. So do not be in a hurry to tell about them.

Why? First, all the gossip is just coming from relatives, they can, without even thinking, blurt out to outsiders what is not necessary. Secondly, it often happens that the family can not understand and take the problems on themselves. You will be judged, and will consult with other people to find a way to help you.

5. Your addictions

You may have habits that are very hard for you to get out of. Every family reacts differently to this. You don’t have to talk about it, or your family may stop communicating with you!

6. Your perspectives

If your boss mentioned that you are being considered for promotion and that you will get a pay raise, do not tell your relatives about it. Be patient, because everything can change a hundred times. Until you get what you want, it is better to keep it a secret!

7. Your purchase plans

There are things that only you like, so if you are thinking about some important purchase for you, do not tell your relatives. They may not find it interesting, and they will talk you out of it, accusing you of throwing your money away. Why would you want to do that?

8. Your vacation plans

If you are planning a vacation somewhere away from relatives, it is better not to tell them about your trip. In an extreme case, you can say that you are going on some business, otherwise they may start to ask to go with you or again will accuse you of wastefulness.

9. Your plans for new job

If you plan to change jobs and leave for a new one, don’t tell your family about it right away. Someone will be worried about you, someone will not like your new job. Quarrels, advice, doubts – you do not need it if you have decided on the responsible step.

10. Your plans for the future

Everyone has some plans and dreams, but they should not become a topic for discussion with other people. Go to your goal quietly and calmly, without attracting undue attention and creating unnecessary noise. Believe me, this way you will cope with all the obstacles on the way much faster and easier!

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