Why Nikola Tesla has never dined?

Why Nikola Tesla has never dined?

We associate the name of this outstanding scientist primarily with his inventions. And only a few people know that Tesla dreamed of living 140 years and even developed a special system of nutrition to prolong life.

In addition to being chaste all his life and not getting involved with ladies, Tesla was also careful about the food he ate in his stomach. He said that proper nutrition directly affected the full functioning of the brain.

In 1933, at the age of 77, Tesla gave an interview to the New York Times in which he talked about his habits that helped him keep in shape. The inventor tried to move a lot, as he knew that physical activity helps the body remove toxins and accumulated poisons. Every day Tesla walked 16 kilometers and swam a lot.

He also almost never ate meat or foods that cause the formation of an acidic environment in the stomach, acidifying the body. Nikola Tesla understood the importance of regular consumption of vegetables and sometimes included fish in his diet – it helped his brain work better.

He also squeezed and unclenched his thumbs 100 times every day before going to bed. The writer Mark Seifer, in a conversation with whom Tesla said that this exercise helped to stimulate his brain cells, told us about it at the time. Contemporaries said that even at the age of 80, Tesla was trim, slender, and had almost no wrinkles!

Why Nikola Tesla has never dined?

This is how Nikola Tesla looked in the last years of his life. Photo source: www.blog.usejournal.com.

Tesla asserted that through proper nutrition, a person could live more than 100 years. He cared so much about food that he composed his own menu and gave it to the cooks in the hotels where he stayed.

“The human body is a machine”, stated the inventor. “That’s why it needs to be taken care of and kept clean. The body like a machine must receive the best nutrition/lubrication. I try to regulate my “machine” according to scientific principles and the laws of the planet we live on”.

From a young age Tesla studied various theories of nutrition and came to the conclusion that food should be chewed long and thoroughly rather than swallowed in chunks. He also discovered that vegetable soups, cereal and milk were good for the stomach.

And Tesla has never dined; he ate only twice a day: in the morning and at 7 p.m.

“Lunch is superfluous because the body doesn’t have time to digest the food it gets at breakfast”, Tesla said. “It is better to eat butter and calorie-dense foods for breakfast to energize you for the day, and to eat protein foods, such as egg whites, cottage cheese or plain cheese, in the evening”.

Tesla advised avoiding foods like beans, sorrel, and lentils that contain uric acid. He believed it could cause illnesses such as rheumatism and high blood pressure.

Why Nikola Tesla has never dined?

Nikola Tesla on the beach. Photo source: www.faena.com.

Did all these rules help Nikola stay healthy even in his old age? Probably, yes. However, the many diets at the end of his life made Tesla look rather thin, which gave rise to rumors that the scientist was starving. But that was not the case. He continued to work and invent until his death.

At the age of 81, he fell while crossing the road and trying to dodge a car, broke several ribs, but he did not go to the doctors. Soon the scientist got pneumonia, but Nikola recovered on his own.

He died at 86, presumably as a result of a broken blood clot. The medicine of that time could not establish the exact cause of Tesla’s death.

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