At what age do we really start aging?

At what age do we really start aging?

Most people are afraid of growing old. We are afraid of loneliness and change of our social status, afraid of illness and helplessness, afraid of losing our outer attractiveness, of becoming uninteresting to our own children and grandchildren.

Physicians say that human aging is a multifaceted, complex and genetically determined process. It is impossible to prevent it, but it is possible to slow it down. One becomes old and very old only if he/she allows it: it is possible to be old in 30-40 years and in 90-100 years only in old age.

Today it is accepted in the scientific community that the human body reaches the peak of its resources at the age of 25-30 years, after which they begin to be gradually consumed. This is moment when aging begins.

However, it is clear that the rate of aging at 35 is not equal to the rate at 65. At 35, it can manifest itself in pair of gray hair, which we may not even notice. Meanwhile, at the age of 65, not only will the entire head be gray, but there may be problems with a bunch of different internal organs at once.

And where is the middle? Where do dramatic changes in the body begin? At what age is a person starts to get old really?

Scientists from Scandinavia recently conducted a large-scale study on this topic and established at what age we begin to grow old for real. We are talking about a sharp acceleration of aging of the body, organs and muscles. So, in their opinion:

We start aging seriously around the age of 50-55 years.

In these years our protective functions at the level of genes are dramatically weakened and body starts to malfunction.

Of course, this figure is depressing, because 50-55 years old is just not a serious age. Many will say: “How could it be! This is just the middle of maturity”. A lot of people start a new life in that period.

Politicians and gerontologists are outraged by this study. According to them, people should grow old at the age of 65-70, but not at 50-55. The logic of politicians is clear: they only need to avoid paying pensions for as long as possible. But the logic of gerontologists defies explanation. All this looks more like a wishful thinking.

Of course, when you’re over 50 or 60 you want to put on “rose-colored glasses” and embellish reality. But the reality is that our body started aging a long time ago (remember: as early as 25-30 years old), and the turning point (when everything accelerates) comes much later.

Personally, I do not agree with this scandinavian scientists. They write in their study that genes turn off at age 50-55. But we are all different people, we have different genetics, different DNA, different level of health and physical form.

They write that some aging genes are turned on at this age. However, it is well known from biology that our genes are turned on only when the conditions are created for them.

You’ll may say: “Isn’t age a condition?” or “Isn’t diseases a condition?” or “Our organs: heart, kidneys, liver (which have been fumbling around for so many years and now worn out) – they are not conditions?”.

Yes, it’s right, these are all conditions. But not decisive. The final command to self-destruction is given by man himself. When he loses interest in life.

So spit on this age, forget about waiting for old age. Just live!

Enjoy your life! Desire to live! Love life! Look for interesting activities and sources of inspiration! Exercise, stay active, continue to lead an active lifestyle.

At what age do we really start aging?

Believe me: if you lose the purpose and meaning of your existence, you will start to “fall apart” much faster! That day, when the last, the main incentive to live will disappear, will be the first day when you can consider yourself an old man or woman. Because that’s when that missing condition will be created (and the genes will step in, and according to the program laid in them clearly and ruthlessly bring it to a sad end).

Remember: the state of your body is not the only parameter that determines your old age. Very often people deliberately grow old by their wrong thinking.

Health problems are usually correctable:

  • Do you often get sick? Many diseases can be cured (yes, it’s difficult and certainly not all of them);
  • Is your heart or other organs not working as they should? This is too can be fixed (of course, you have to make an effort, change your lifestyle, not eat any fatty crap, but there is no other way).

And here’s more. It’s not really about age. Because if a person loses the will to live at 25 he can die, for example, at 26. And all of a sudden he will get sick and his organs will start to get all sorts of problems, and it will get worse from day to day, and his family will rush over and over again, he will scream and rush to one doctor or another, but all to no avail.

How many times this has happened.

Do not lose interest in life!

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