Who is your guardian angel? Recognize it by date of birth

Who is your guardian angel? Recognize it by date of birth

At birth we are all given a guardian angel, who protects us from misfortune and bad deeds, warns of impending problems.

Prophetic dreams, intuition or “sixth sense”, various signs – this is how an invisible guardian tries to get in touch. Sometimes it becomes weaker or is lost altogether. Then problems begin in personal life, with health, difficulties in business, disagreements at work with superiors or colleagues, etc. In order to reestablish an alliance with an angel, one must find out who he is.

How can we recognize our Guardian Angel?

Information about the invisible protector is encrypted in the date of birth of the person protected by him, and it is not difficult to find out. If you add up all the numbers of your birth date, then the sex of the celestial protector will be revealed. For example, the date is July 30, 1986:


The result is an even number, so the angel is male, and vice versa, the odd number is female. And remember that 0 is an even number.

In a similar way, you can find out the age of the guardian and his element, you only need to add the date and month of birth:


It is an interesting fact that an angel’s age remains the same throughout the life of the soul entrusted to him.

Who is your guardian angel? Recognize it by date of birth

A single digit of the date of birth or, if the digits are two, the last one, will reveal more detailed information about the traits peculiar to the guardian angel:

0 – “Fire”. Fire protectors are very strong, brave, and willing to take any risk and fight for their charges until the final victory. The people they protect are often called the favourite of fortune or the favourite of fortune.

1 – “Holiness”. These heavenly creatures are kind and quiet, but most active helpers. The icons depict, along with the saints, the faces of these very angels. Their wards are the most capable of self-sacrifice for the sake of others.

2 – “Light”. Angels of light with big white wings, they are always around. They like to communicate with their charges through mirrors or dreams. The person they protect often has freckles or prominent birthmarks on their face.

3 – “Air. These ethereal creatures have large invisible wings and a reckless nature. They are always minding their own business and only come to the rescue if asked.

4 – “Wisdom”. Very clever and wise angels, helping to choose the right decision. The people under their tutelage are also smart, successful in their studies and careers, they have good intuition.

5 – “Metal”. Strong, brave and cool Guardian Angels. Come to the rescue if a person is broken and crying. The worse a person is, the stronger the protector becomes. Their wards are often long-livers.

6 – “Rainbow”. They are cheerful celestial creatures, uplifting in moments of sadness. Can change their appearance, give clues in dreams. People guarded by them are uncommon and gifted with creative talents.

7 – “Energy”. It is the element of the most resentful intercessors, though faithful and loyal. If a person does not heed their warnings, they fly away. And they return only when they are strongly asked to do so.

8 – “Human”. These angels are the souls of deceased loved ones and relatives. They always come to the rescue, constantly caring and looking after the ward.

9 – “Warmth”. Optimistic angels with warm wings. To be closer to man, they take the form of animals. People under their protection live in harmony and tranquility.

Now that you have this information about your heavenly protector, you can imagine who and what he is, as well as further strengthen the connection with him. You should only listen to your intuition, pay attention to various signs and prophetic dreams. And also, don’t forget to thank your heavenly protector from time to time for his help.

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