The less you tell others about it, the happier you’ll be

The less you tell others about it, the happier you’ll be

According to the sages, there are some things you shouldn’t tell others. Some things are better kept secret!

You shouldn’t tell outsiders everything, but you should keep what’s personal to you to yourself. It is better to keep a secret personal life, plans, goals, family quarrels. Do not be for all to be an open book, no need for strangers to know everything about you!

Keep quiet about it with others

Your personal plans

Definitely, everyone has some personal plans. But you don’t have to share them with others. No, we’re not talking about the small stuff here, we’re talking more about the big stuff. Keep your ideas to yourself until they finally materialize.

There may be many weaknesses in your plans, and if someone points them out to you, you may refuse to do what you want. In addition, there are a lot of envious and spiteful people around who can hurt you with their negative thoughts and attitudes.

Your good deeds

If you have done something good for someone, helped with a deed, money, advice – it doesn’t matter, you shouldn’t blab about it to everyone around you. This, too, must remain secret.

It is clear that if you tell, say, about your charity, you will be overwhelmed with pride. But that is not the purpose of good deeds. Don’t flaunt them, but rather keep them out of sight!

Your restrictions

If, say, you don’t eat meat or drink alcohol, that’s your right. But there’s no need to tell everyone in a row about it. You’re limiting yourself in order to improve your body, to cleanse yourself spiritually, emotionally, physically, and not just to rub everybody’s nose in the information. Like, “I don’t eat meat, how can you eat poor animals?”, “I don’t drink at all, alcohol makes you age fast” etc.

There is no need for others to know about dietary restrictions, sexual relationships, and bad habits.

Your heroic deeds

It’s just like with good deeds. Well, you happened to cross the road with your grandmother, you took home and took out a kitten, you gave a large sum of money to your acquaintances, you were great, but why brag about it? Absolutely any heroic deeds, as well as overcoming any internal challenges, should be kept quiet.

Your spiritual knowledge

Only an enlightened person can talk about spiritual things. Listen to the speeches of churchmen, go to church, read religious literature – get spiritual knowledge. But don’t talk about them and teach everyone around you to make sense of them.

For many people it may take many years to realize the truth, but a person must come to this by himself, and not act under someone else’s influence.

Your Family Matters

Sages advise you never to tell outsiders what’s going on in your family. Sickness, quarrels, good luck, wages – everything that concerns your family should stay in it. The less you talk about family matters, the stronger will be your relationship with your family.

Happiness loves silence. People may envy your success, and many people will be disappointed in your failures.

Gossip, hearsay, nasty things

It’s about not telling anyone the nasty things you’ve heard from someone. It doesn’t matter at all who or what you’ve been told about, don’t get dirty about it. Gossip is nothing, it’s not nice to say things about someone that you heard from third parties.

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