Energy Vampires. How to respond to their attacks?

Energy Vampires. How to respond to their attacks?

Psychological vampirism is a fairly common phenomenon, although not overt. It is not always possible to understand that someone has such an influence on you. And, by the way, the “vampire” himself is not always aware that he harms someone with his ill-considered phrases.

Did you know that toxic people can even wish a person well with all their heart? In doing so, they can take away their “victim’s” patience, physical and moral strength. It is especially difficult when such an energy vampire is your friend or family member.

It is not necessary to dance to someone else’s “doodle”, it’s time to resist the action of the “vampire”. Subconsciously, such people want to make you nervous, tense up, make mistakes, become depressed. Be prepared for attacks of the energetic vampire, and know what to answer to his phrases.

You must have self-control and have a cool mind, only then you can win a toxic battle. Control your impulses to get out of the battle with as few losses as possible.

You will not be able to stop your communication completely, say, with your mother or another person close to you. And you don’t really want to be in conflict. If you react with negativity to the outgoing negative, you will only make yourself worse. After all, sometimes that is exactly what the “vampire” is trying to do – to sting you, to finish you off, to hurt you.

Here are phrases that energetic vampire often say, and phrases that will help neutralize them!

“No one will love you like I do!”

It is unclear how a person can be so confident. And why you should sincerely believe in such words. There are a lot of people in the world, different people, so not all is lost. You should not listen to this phrase, to believe in it. After all, you are only belittling yourself, thinking that you are not worthy of more than you already have.

The answer to the phrase is simple: “That is absolutely not true”.

“You can’t do it!”

By the way, very often it is mothers who say this to their children, thereby deafening both their self-confidence and their desire to move forward in a given direction. Yes, the person may continue to devalue all your achievements, but you should know that you should benefit from it. Let your confidence grow!

The correct answer to this phrase is: “You can keep poking me to the ground, but I will still succeed and get what I want!”.

“You can’t do anything without me”

Excessive care and custody are sometimes very stressful. If a person has arms, legs, something to quench his thirst and a roof over his head, he will be able to cope with any task.

The answer to this phrase is: “I can do anything, and it’s obvious”.

“I can’t live without you”

This is another tale not to be believed. This phrase is uttered in order to cause a person to feel guilty and to feel that he has not given something to the “vampire”.

The answer to the phrase: “It’s time to learn to be responsible for yourself, you can do anything”.

“It’s your fault!”

There are some people who are just masterful at causing a person to feel guilty. Of course, it’s all your fault, and everything that happens around you and all the failures of the “vampire” are also your fault.

The answer to the phrase: “I am not to blame for anything, and you better go to a psychologist, and blame him for all mortal sins”.

“Think of my feelings!”

Here it is not at all clear why you should speak and act in such a way as not to hurt the vulnerable soul of the “vampire” in any way?

The answer to the phrase: “I have a life of my own, and I will think first and foremost only about that”.

“You’re doing everything wrong!”

How does a person even have the right to tell you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong? Is he or she your boss?

If not, the answer to the phrase is simple: “You’re using an unconstructive statement. Is there anything on the merits?”

It’s very difficult to endure the attacks of an energy vampire, but it really can be done. Such people are very fond of pressuring pity, inducing guilt in the opponent, striking a nerve. Learn to contain your emotions and do not let anyone get inside your head. Let people learn to respect your personal boundaries.

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