Up to what age women need men?

Up to what age women need men?

I work as a male psychologist, and I often hear questions like this from men:

“What is the point of changing something in my life after 50 if women at that age don’t look at men anymore? And if they do, they look at the young or rich. Why do they need me? It’s easier for me to find a young one than an age-appropriate one”.

What can I say to that? It’s all absolute nonsense! Women need men at 45, at 55, and at 65! Why? Because no one wants to grow old alone.

As for women’s physiology (that is desire for sex), things are a little more complicated.

Peculiarities of the female libido

One of the factors in a woman’s attractiveness is youth. After 40-45 years, women are not as attractive and sexy as they used to be (so it is not surprising that men divorce their wives after 50 and go in search of younger companions). Also in women after 40-45 years decreases and libido (ie, sex drive). What cannot be said about men (if he is healthy, he can and wants to have sex until he dies).

How old does a woman need a man in terms of libido? It depends on the psycho-emotional state and physical health of the woman. Menopause, stress, lack of security and confidence in the future deprive her of any desire to have sex, as in the subconscious of women there is a direct link between sexual intercourse and childbirth.

According to the research results: In case of mental health and favorable surroundings, a woman’s libido can last even to the age of 80, but not all of them, only 15% of ladies. Almost 50% want to have sex until the age of 60, then the libido fades and does so rapidly.

It is also surprising that at no age do the statistics show 100%, meaning that girls and women in principle have no age at which absolutely everyone would like to have an active sex life.

Does a woman need a man after menopause?

In the range of 45-50 years, a woman catches up with menopause and her reproductive system goes out of whack. The process is marked not only by the cessation of menstruation, but also by physiological changes in the body, including a decrease in the elasticity of tissues and the level of important hormones. And here the question is no longer “until what age does a woman need a man”, but whether she needs him in principle after menopause.

There is an opinion that sex after menopause does not give women the pleasure they used to have. In fact, this hypothesis is not confirmed by anything. On the contrary, if a woman continues to live an active life: walking a lot, doing sports, eating right, then her sensations are the same as before.

Many polls show that women over 50 years of age are more likely to have sex due to prejudice and fear of social disapproval than due to physiological issues. If you lead a healthy and active life, a woman needs a man at least until she is 65. As we remember the libido is still intact in those years, and now we know that physically sex at that age is also a reality.

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