Want to be successful? Be in the motion!

Want to be successful? Be in the motion!

At the heart of any truly great project, product, process or action is always an idea. Often some revolutionary idea is the main and only capital of entrepreneurs who change the world. Creating new ideas, finding new ways, unique ways and solutions allows not only to improve people’s lives, but also to develop as an individual the innovator himself. What is the most important thing in the search for new ideas? Not to sit still and always be in motion.

A year ago, after I won an advertising idea contest for a large bank, I was asked to answer a few questions. Talking about how ideas are born, I formulated a few rules that are still relevant to me today. So, what do you need to do in order to successfully find new solutions?

  1. Constantly expand your horizons: read, communicate, travel, collect impressions and emotions, develop imagination and intuition;
  2. Change the environment: a change of scenery always contributes to the process of giving birth to new ideas;
  3. Put yourself in the place of others;
  4. Visit new places, meet new people. Be in the motion;
  5. Don’t be afraid to experiment, to be bolder and more reckless;
  6. Always document ideas as they arise;
  7. Be able to gather and analyze new information;
  8. Fall in love with the task at hand;
  9. Change the terms of the task;
  10. Have enough time to gather information and incubate ideas;
  11. Develop ideas and analyze results;
  12. Set yourself tasks, the solution of which will not give you anything.

There were other points, but they were more related to the development of creativity. Following these rules, I managed to develop new ideas and find new solutions for large banks and industrial enterprises, experienced and novice entrepreneurs, my own projects and those of my friends. Time has confirmed the right movement of thought, efficiency of methods, viability and rationality of solutions.

All of these rules are extremely important for any entrepreneur or person who wants to build a career in a corporation. However, in this article I would like to elaborate on only one of these points.

To be in the motion. Why is it so important to find new ideas?

Modern society is very much tied to online communication. Today everyone is sitting in various chat rooms, apps, Google Docs, Skype, Zoom and others, in which they communicate, work together, or do creative work.

It’s hard to call this way of living and doing business dynamic or proactive. People just sit staring at their monitors, tablets or laptops, and all communication and work takes place in a virtual environment. Meanwhile, life itself and all events unfold outside this virtual environment. And if you’re looking for new ideas or new acquaintances, you need the motion!

Sitting in one place, you won’t see anything new. The motion helps you change your surroundings, change your perspective on familiar things, get new emotions, see new images, meet new people on your way – and that’s what inspires us.

Does that mean you should forget about online apps? Not at all! By term “the motion” I mean not only and not so much physical movement as a state opposite to rest. To be in the motion means to do things, to start projects, to learn, to learn new things, to change something, and to change oneself.

A simple example: how do you think a meeting between representatives of a creative agency and the management of a major bank goes? The discussion of one such advertising campaign took place during the lunch hour over a game of bowling. The initiative, of course, belonged to us, the agency’s representatives, but the client wasn’t against it.

The meeting in an informal atmosphere very often a can be more productive than hours of boring conversations in a specially equipped meeting room, where you know every crack on the wall.

To create new ideas, you have to be in the motion. I am a great walker and hiker. I get from point “A” to point “B” on foot just fine, even if I choose not the most optimal routes. In the end, I always end up in the right place.

Of course, this method is not suitable for long distances. Nor is it suitable for bad weather. If you understand that the meeting will take place very soon, and there is no time to walk, it is better to use the car.

Our time is a limited, non-renewable resource. Use it wisely!

While you being in the motion this situation follow you to best managing your time. It forces itself you to look for ways to shorten your distance to clients and partners, shorten your deadlines, and faster realize your goals.

The technique of “always being in motion” can be applied to your brain as well. It is a necessary and useful skill. Modern creative techniques can help those who are looking for new solutions. Elementary freerating perfectly helps to get the right ideas out of your subconscious mind in a short period of time.

If we are talking about the development of marketing strategies of enterprises, my favorite pastime, here again we are helped by “transport” – specialized software that allows you to quickly determine the status, problems and prospects of a particular business. Such “transport” is available in every sphere of human activity and not to use them means a waste of the most limited resource – the time.

Being in constant motion, along the way I try to find people who resonate with me, who help me live more interesting and conduct business more effectively. I am constantly visiting new places in the city, expanding my circle of acquaintances, my card holder is overflowing with cards of new people, because I know: sooner or later it will become useful to me.

No matter how long your journey, no matter how difficult it was, to go through it with companions will be much easier and more interesting than alone.

Are you looking for a new solution? Are you short of ideas? Start a movement! Get your butt out of your chair and take a step and always be in the motion! Remember that only the first step is difficult. Along the way you’ll find companions and a suitable vehicle that will make your journey to your goal more interesting, faster, and more comfortable. And even if you don’t have them yet – well, you already have the road…

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