Why we can’t ever be super-efficient?

Why we can’t ever be super-efficient?

One day I came across a ridiculous headline from another “successful success guru”. It read: “27 Best Practices That Will Make You Super-Effective”. I thought that headline could become just like a banner of neurosis of the modern man who looks around, sees how super-efficient everyone around him is, but does not dare to drink his third cup of coffee in an hour. After all, there’s no telling whether it will end up (with tachycardia or superefficiency after all).

Let’s leave aside the 27 best practices. And let’s turn to the real professionals in the field of human capabilities – the doctors. So according to neurologists:

There is no such thing as superefficiency in nature. It’s a myth.

In fact, some people may occasionally exhibit heightened abilities, however:

  1. first of all, it is a temporary phenomenon;
  2. secondly, it is associated with health problems.

There are symptoms of bipolar affective disorder (when the patient does not sleep three nights in a row and cannot concentrate on anything, spends money like a machine gun and fountains ideas). Bipolar is a serious illness and without treatment it ends badly for the patient.

There are symptoms of anxiety disorder (when anxiety is slightly reduced by endless “Brownian motion”). Such a person is fidgety and quite tedious. There is chronic sleep deprivation and chronic stress (when a workaholic buys extra hours at the price of his health). Finally, there is the successful lie on social media that it is easy to jump over the capabilities of your nervous system. However, this is just a desire to attract an audience, nothing more.

That is, from the point of view of medicine, there is NO such term as “superefficiency”! It’s all made up by HR managers, marketers, pharmacists and bloggers. But there are very real illnesses from overwork and even deaths at work.

But what to do if you do not dream of superproductivity, but just want to work for an hour or two without any distractions, boredom, irritation, fatigue and other negative feelings?

Why we can't ever be super-efficient?

This is where a state of flow can help. It is a feeling when one feels as if one is lost in time, experiencing an unprecedented mental lift combined with high concentration on some task. To get into the flow, we need to influence the factors that prevent us from concentrating.

What hinders our effectiveness?

As a rule, we cannot achieve high efficiency and productivity for the following reasons:

  1. Our children;
  2. Wasting time (TV, social networks, etc.);
  3. Lack of a clear plan;
  4. Unreality of purpose;
  5. Lack of concentration.

Let’s take a look at why exactly these things affect our effectiveness.

Our children

Children are the most prosaic and, alas, the most frequent factor that prevents the task at hand from being completed quickly, efficiently, and with pleasure.

Why we can't ever be super-efficient?

Children “hang” on mom while she tries to finish her report. Kids distract Dad from his laptop, asking him how to do they homework. In ten minutes, cute kids are capable of asking for milk, a new t-shirt, dropping a flower pot, and doing five more things, the consequences of which mom or dad will have to deal with for two hours (leaving an incomplete report).

No, we are not saying that having children is bad. On the contrary, family and children are the strongest motivator. However, the widespread belief that you can manage everything with children (that you can build a successful career, that you can build social connections, and at the same time be sporty and beautiful) is a myth! All because children (and their upbringing) takes up a VERY large amount of our time.

So what to do in this situation? What to do if you are a mom or dad of a little child? Alas, there is no one right solution. Either you completely concentrate on the child (and forget about your business, career), or switch your attention to the important tasks for yourself, and the child is engaged in a kindergarten, with nanny or grandmother.

Wasting time (TV, social networks, etc.)

There’s nothing wrong with watching TV, serials or surfing social media. Except for one BUT: “They burn up your time without giving anything in return”.

Why we can't ever be super-efficient?

Of course, some will say they had fun with the jokes in the show or got in the good mood by watching the clips on TikTok and now they can work better. It’s a self-delusion. You’re just wasting your time which could have been spent working or doing something useful (like cleaning the house or self-education).

Remember: Social media steals your working time and television steals your personal time.

Both television and social media are designed for one thing: to show you advertisements. That is why it is extremely rare to find really useful information there. More often than not, social networks help you reach a state of “monkey mind” that wanders from one fact to another, fixating on nothing and producing nothing new.

Lack of a clear plan

Striving to achieve something without a plan is tantamount to shooting in all directions at random. That’s why you should have a clear plan for everything, with a deadline for the necessary tasks and actions.

Our goals turn into results by taking action, not by dreaming about achieving them.

For simple goals, you can limit yourself to a checklist, where you can prescribe the sequence and frequency of actions. In the case of a girl who wants to lose weight, it is daily jogging, going to the gym twice a week, a special menu without sweets and flour.

It is impossible to be in a state of flux for twenty-four hours in a row. But thirty minutes is fine. What does that mean? Try to perform a task on a timer, giving yourself a small amount of time, and then change the activity. This will help you stay focused and not suffer from the anxiety of having to pore over doing a certain thing for a long time.

Why we can't ever be super-efficient?

Unreality of purpose

Here lies the psychological trap of our mind: If the task is easy, you will be bored. And if task is too difficult or it will seem unfeasible, which means that you will make every effort to put it off until later.

So what to do in this situation? If you feel that you have an impossible task, break it down into the required number of small tasks that no longer seem impossible.

Lack of concentration

Although wanting to succeed everywhere seems like the easiest way to achieve super-efficiency, it’s a misguided decision. Only few people can boast of Napoleon’s multitasking mindset. If you don’t have these abilities, you’re likely to fail.

If you set yourself too many tasks at once, it interferes with your concentration, you quickly become overworked and more forgetful and absent-minded. As a result, none of the tasks you set for yourself will be completed well and on time. And, of course, any super-efficiency of such work is out of the question.

Why we can't ever be super-efficient?

So how to work efficiently with multiple tasks at once (in multitasking mode)? The best way is do it in order.

If you are writing a report, then you are writing a report. If you’re calling customers, you’re not doing paperwork. You are not answering your friend in an instant messenger, you are not distracted by helping your child with his homework, you are not watering flowers, and you are not thinking about the news or fates of the world.

What is the bottom line?

Alas, there are no recipes for supereffectiveness or similar pills. And if they exist, they are just simply doping, which will inevitably worsen your health and relationships with your loved ones.

Why can’t superefficiency be in nature? There are two types of athletes in sports: sprinters and stayers. The first run faster than the second, but they are quickly exhausted, and the second run farther and longer. Meanwhile, as life experience shows: the greatest success in life coming to stayers, to those people who long and persistently goes to his goal. So the best way to become super-efficient is not running ahead of all, it’s to focus completely on your dreams.

If you don’t have a super-goal, don’t get your head wrapped up in super-efficiency and productivity. Just live your life for fun, just start doing something (preferably something that brings you joy). Then a state of focusing on something, a state of flow won’t be long in coming. After all, it is a built-in option of your psyche, which does not necessarily stimulate by webinars from someone.

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