How not to drink when everyone is drinking?

How not to drink when everyone is drinking?

What do you do when you are invited to a bar or a social event? When everyone in the company drinks and you don’t. How to explain to your friends that you have stopped drinking alcohol? I’ll share my experience. My name is Amelia, I’m 27 and I haven’t had a drop of alcohol for several years.

My first alcoholic experience was during one of my school trips. I had bought booze in advance with my high school classmates, hid everything from the teachers, and after checking into the hotel I was in the mood for an alcoparty. Naturally, I did not know my measure, so the rule “between the first and the second” was not respected.

I woke up in unconsciousness only in the morning. The sensations were not even helicopter-like: I felt like my stomach had turned inside out. My classmates restored the chain of memory: I had caught the worst of the alcohol poisoning. But the worst thing was that the consequences of this poisoning ended up on my clothes and the teachers’ clothes!

I thought: “Well, it’s always like this the first time. How could I keep from drinking? I was in a cool company, so I had to live up to it”. The second (and last) experience was not so prosaic. When in the morning they showed me a video of myself flying into a door jamb with my eyes rolled up, I realized: “Stop! It’s enough!”.

How not to drink when everyone is drinking?

Photos from drunken parties can seriously damage your reputation.

Why did I make this decision?

I made this decision for three reasons:

  1. First, I hate seeing and feeling like this;
  2. Second, I hate the taste of alcohol;
  3. Third, I don’t see the point of being drunk.

I understand that life is not a fairy tale, and sometimes you just want to switch to “off” mode. But it shouldn’t all come down to a higher degree. So if I feel that the inner strength to overcome another ailment is not enough, I just save up money and run to the fitness center, sauna or spa.

How do my friends and acquaintances perceive my refusal to drink?

Of course, they took it all with disbelief. The more so because the company is all drinkers, we are young and hot, we all wanted to have fun and take everything out from life.

When I tell them that I don’t drink a drop (even a glass at the chime), a 10-second mute scene ensues. Then a man of the same age asks me a lot of questions. If I meet him at a party some time later, he looks at me strangely. Yeah, he’s watching.

Am I drawn to drink alcohol?

Not once. And I have a great life. I spend my “alcohol money” on more useful things like sports or massage parlors. And I see I’m not the only one. So many of my friends and girlfriends have also decided to quit this addiction. You can joke that we are in the minority, but we still exist.

If you think about it, there are far more cons to drinking than there are pros. Yes, you have fun for a while, but then there is a hangover, headache, fumes from the mouth, compromising evidence from friends, an empty wallet, kidney, heart, liver and appearance problems (if overused).

How not to drink when everyone is drinking?

It’s better to drink tea than alcohol.

Many people ask me: “How do you rest from work? How do you have fun?” Well, I can answer: “I can communicate well and have fun, even if I am the only sober person in the company”. At the last party, for example, my cup of tea diluted the monochrome row of stacks. The party was great, by the way. How did you say no? I just decided not to drink for a while and I liked it.

All the people perceive my refusal of alcohol in different ways. Sometimes they ask, “Am I coded? Am I sick? Am I pregnant?”)) They just do not understand how it is possible to just take and give up what in their opinion gives pleasure?

At every party, at every event, I hear the following: “You really don’t drink?”, “At all?”, “Why?”, “What, no champagne either?”. Yes, I don’t drink. Yes, not at all. And yes, no champagne either. And don’t look so surprised.

I never had any interest in alcohol. Yes, I still like to hang out, but I somehow got through the period of posting Instagram posts from nightclubs without pain. Fortunately, giving up alcohol is easy for me. I just don’t feel like it. I don’t like the taste or the effect. Besides, I really like cars, and alcohol is incompatible with driving.

Many people, of course, make fun of me: “You must be a nun and afraid of everything in life”, “You probably don’t work hard, so there’s no stress”. No, I have all that. And I would not say that I live easily and without stress. But I think that drowning the stresses in alcohol is not the answer. That’s not the way to solve the problem. Moreover, one day I sat down, analyzed and thought through the reasons for my problems and realized that alcohol only made things worse.

What really helps in dealing with stress? This is a sport. This is proper nutrition, good sleep. The spa and interesting hobbies also help. And all this does not reduce my productivity, does not negatively affect my health and my appearance.

So I don’t feel like going to bars on Fridays and Saturdays at all. You won’t find any beer or wine in my fridge.

Now I try to inspire my friends to give up this addiction. Is it working? I think so. I’m very strong in arguments. Because not drinking alcohol is easy. You have to figure out for yourself whether you need it at all. And then there won’t be any questions. You and the people around you won’t have any questions.

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