Coco Chanel’s Rules of Life

Coco Chanel’s Rules of Life

Coco Chanel is the great designer and founder of the Chanel fashion house. She is one of those women who completely changed the world of fashion and even turned it upside down!

Gabrielle Chanel was born on August 19, 1883 in the town of Saumur in western France and was the second child in big family (six children). Her family was of very modest means: her father led a nomadic life, trading at fairs, and her mother worked as a laundress. In spite of this circumstances, this woman made her own way and had great success in life. How did she do it? She had strong principles, or, if we may say so, Chanel’s rules of life. Let’s take a look at them.

  1. Everything that happens in the world today is done for money, exclusively for money. We live in a time when the smart people and scientists speak directly to the ignorant, they understand everything and manipulate the minds of the masses. And so you listen to this talk as if it were catechism, not believing a word of it;
  2. The worst thing in the world is stupidity. Everything can be forgiven except stupidity;
  3. The fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty occurs when fashion succeeds in both;
  4. Some couturiers are very good, but they change their approach to clothes once a week. That’s why I once created my one and only style. It wouldn’t exist if I had to come up with something new every week. Chasing novelty usually leads to degeneration – you start creating something completely ugly;
  5. Nothing ages a woman like trying to look younger than her years;
  6. Dress shabby, and they’ll remember your outfit. Dress impeccably, and they’ll remember you;
  7. For the last few years I’ve been at war with the couturiers who make these creepy short dresses. I think it’s just unseemly. It’s bad timing, you know? You have to make your knees look flawless to show them off. It’s a joint, it’s like showing off your elbows… I don’t mind knees if they’re pretty. But spend a day on Rue Cambon and you’re not likely to meet many people with pretty feet;
  8. I think when a person gets too naked and trumps himself, it means he doesn’t need anything else. It’s like feeding someone a lot and then offering him his favorite dish. He’s going to refuse the delicacy, isn’t he? That’s what it’s like;
  9. Today the fashion has become a joke. Designers have forgotten that there are real women inside their dresses. Most women dress for men, they want to be admired. But they have to move somehow without the risk of the seams coming apart! So the clothes have to be comfortable;
  10. Some people think that luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not true. Luxury is the opposite of vulgarity;
  11. I drink champagne on two occasions: when I’m in love and when I’m not;
  12. You can be stunning at 30, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life;
  13. I like to make jokes. I do it to talk less about myself. Because I’m not so important person;
  14. Don’t you think television brainwashes people, makes them stupider? I doubt you think so. But even I can’t do without all those shows (no matter if they’re good or not) anymore. When I’m home alone, the TV is always on;
  15. Women’s fashion has always been created in France, always. And the main buyers were the Russians. All the noble Russians dressed in Paris when they could afford it. These people spent an impressive amount of money on clothes before their country became poor. Today my customers are mainly Americans and Europeans;
  16. It’s not worth wasting time and pounding on the wall in the hope that it will turn into a door;
  17. The idea of dressing women in pants came to me out of modesty. In my opinion, walking on the beach in a swimsuit is like walking around naked. So what do you do if you’ve had a swim and want to stay on the beach some more? The easiest thing is to wear pants. A skirt would look bad, a dress too, but pants are the best option. You can lay on the sand all day. Except that since pants came into fashion, 70% of women have been wearing them to social dinners, and it’s pretty sad;
  18. I’d love to gain a few pounds, but I can’t, no matter what I do. I can eat, I can not eat, it makes no difference. I never get fat, I’m not built for it. I’m made to lose weight;
  19. I don’t create fashion, I am a fashion;
  20. If you are the object of someone’s passion, feel free to jump out the window. Run away as soon as you feel it. The passion goes away, only longing remains.

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