Want to have a phenomenal memory? Learn how to do it in 5 minutes!

Want to have a phenomenal memory? Learn how to do it in 5 minutes!

Training your memory to a brilliant level is pretty simple, like all geniuses. You really only need five minutes. Just read this article to the end.

The Mnemonic Trick

When I was young, I once attended a show of circus performers, and I came across a mnemonic artist who amazed the audience with his extraordinary ability to memorize words. He demonstrated a truly phenomenal ability. It looked as follows.

The audience was invited to say a word and the number, under which the spoken word would be located. The mnemotech was blindfolded, and he had only once to hear the word and the number, to which the word was attached.

This went on until the number of words reached twenty or thirty, depending on the patience and expectation of the enthusiastic audience. Then the artist was asked to repeat the words, spoken only once. He did so without any difficulty and without error. When the task became more difficult for him (a number was called for which a word was assigned), he, without hesitation, instantly demonstrated the same phenomenal abilities, and in absolutely any order. The assistant wrote down all the words and number labels on the improvised blackboard. After which there was a rapturous applause from the audience.

Not long ago I saw a similar trick at a Guinness Book of World Records title award. The record holder added to his achievements information about a foreign language book he published in pictures, which uses the principle of memorization based on associative memorization of words – by spelling, appearance or sound, similar to the picture images or with its plot.

I was glad for the man’s good memory, but a little disappointed that I myself had not had the idea to demonstrate my abilities in the same way many years earlier. The fact is that even a thousand words can be memorized in this way the first time. But for such a number you need memory training and individual abilities or maximum diligence.

Anyway, after that performance that I had a chance to watch when I was young, I wondered how it was possible and whether I could repeat what I had seen. To be honest, I didn’t expect to find the secret to an artist’s success so quickly. I tried it and it worked. At first I amazed my nearest and dearest with my suddenly revealed abilities, then my friends. And when he became confident and trained enough not to make mistakes, was able to show anyone and as many words.

Later on, this method came in handy in learning foreign languages. So, after a month of intensive study of English (at school and college I studied German) I read Jerome D. Salinger’s “Catcher in the Rye” almost without a dictionary.

How to make your memory phenomenally fast?

So let’s look at what you need to do to develop your memory to a phenomenal level.

First, take a pen and a piece of paper or use a keyboard and a monitor. Then make a numbered list. And next to each number write or type any word that will cause you persistent associations. For example:

  1. Mouse;
  2. Tree;
  3. Woman;
  4. Ice;
  5. Guitar;
  6. Sea, etc.

Try to remember them well. These numbered words will come in handy for years to come. And now invite someone to say with a minimum pause the number of words that you have in stock in your code list.

Suppose you are told the following words in this order:

  1. Cabbage;
  2. Paper;
  3. Soap;
  4. Fish;
  5. Cat;
  6. The sycophant.

As you understand it, there can be as many of these words as you like. Each word you are offered to memorize is tied to the one you have memorized in your code list. Get something like the following pictures in your imagination:

  1. A mouse eats cabbage;
  2. Paper is made of wood;
  3. Women prefer fragrant, soft soap;
  4. Fish frozen in ice;
  5. A cat purring to the guitar;
  6. The sycophant will do anything for his boss to go on vacation at sea.

All these words, you understand, I myself have just come to mind, that is, it does not matter at all.

And at the next stage, you will either be asked to repeat the words in the order you have been told, or you will be told the individual numbers of the words that the participant has suggested for repetition. Believe me, you will do it without any difficulty, and in any of the variants offered to you, in any order.

Using the same associative method (when you either read or pronounced a word from a foreign language can be linked to an image, similarity in spelling or to a consonant familiar word from the native language), you can quickly and permanently learn any foreign language.

Using a similar technique can help in other applications, such as remembering long-digit numbers or phone numbers, a bank account, passport information or passwords on the websites you use.

With a little patience and practice, you’ll do just fine. You can demonstrate your phenomenal memory to anyone. Success to you and good luck!

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