Vito Corleone’s Rules of Life

Vito Corleone’s Rules of Life

Don Vito Corleone (April 28, 1891 – July 29, 1955), nicknamed “The Godfather”, was the main protagonist of Mario Puzo’s novel The Godfather and the Francis Ford Coppola film based on it. He headed one of the most powerful clans of the Italian-American Mafia, the Corleone family.

Vito was known as very loyal and generous man to his friends and allies, but always ready for revenge if betrayed. He was also a very loving and caring father and husband to his family. Having lost his entire family as a child to outside forces, Vito valued family above all else, and since during his flight from Sicily he survived through the kindness of strangers, he considered friendship and goodwill almost as important as family.

The prototype of Vito Corleone is one of the most striking and famous characters of a strong man in the world. This is largely due to the success of Francis Ford Coppola’s movie The Godfather, which won numerous Academy Awards and, despite being almost 50 years old, is still one of the most popular movies in the world.

Let us take a look at what the principles and rules of Don Corleone’s life are:

  1. The first duty of man is to stay alive. And then comes what people call honor;
  2. If you show generosity, give that generosity a personal touch;
  3. On his daughter’s wedding day, no Sicilian can refuse a request. And no Sicilian would miss such an opportunity;
  4. If a man has not become a real father to his children, he is not a man;
  5. Friendship is everything. Friendship is greater than talent. Stronger than any government. Friendship means only a little less than family. Never forget that;
  6. We all have something to say about our misfortunes. I’m not going to do that;
  7. I am often drawn to tinker in the garden. It calms my thoughts. Better to make homemade wine when the bunches are poured than to worry in vain;
  8. If you are in front of a business person make him an offer he can not refuse;
  9. I’m a superstitious person, I’m ashamed to admit it, but what can I do?;
  10. One lawman with a briefcase will loot more than a hundred ignoramuses with machine guns;
  11. Never get angry, never threaten, and make a person think straight. The main art in maintaining self-control is to ignore neither insults nor threats and to turn your left cheek when you are slapped on the right;
  12. Some debts become so large that they can break even the strongest force;
  13. Nothing is so foreign to me in this life as carelessness. Women and children can afford to live carefree, but men cannot;
  14. You can’t say “no” to the people you love, at least not often. That’s the secret. When you do have to, your “no” should sound like a “yes”. Or get them to say “no” themselves. And don’t spare any time or effort;
  15. Accidents don’t happen to those who take accidents as personal insults;
  16. What would happen on earth if people, against all reason, were only interested in settling scores with each other? Isn’t that the curse of Sicily, where men are so busy with blood feuds that they have no time to earn bread for the family;
  17. I prefer to be conservative and reason the old-fashioned way, rather than constantly chasing after everything new;
  18. It is always better if a friend underestimates your virtues and an enemy exaggerates your faults;
  19. Revenge is a dish that tastes best when it gets cold;
  20. We are not lawyers to give each other certified vouchsafes. We are men of honor;
  21. In everything you should know when to stop. If you crossed the line, then be prepared for the consequences;
  22. One thing is whiskey, gambling, even women. These things can be done. It is what the soul demands of many and what is forbidden by the fathers of church and state. It is quite another thing to deal with drugs;
  23. Who knows if one of my grandchildren’s children will become governor or even president – here in America, nothing is impossible;
  24. Life is beautiful. And that’s all there is to know about it;
  25. If I were all-powerful, I would show more mercy than God.

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