3 examples of the boomerang rule in life

3 examples of the boomerang rule in life

Many people believe in the Law of the Boomerang. It says that whatever a person has done, everything will come back to him, and even in double measure. That is, you need to think about the consequences of your actions. If you have done something bad, you will get something bad in return.

It must be said that belief in the Law of Boomerang is not without reason. You can find thousands of cases and examples in the Web (we will cite a few stories below). That is to say, this law is not just a parable, but quite a working postulate.

It is interesting to note that the boomerang effect in most cases concerns personal relationships and achievements, that is, intangible values. Although these, too, are talked about. Also another interesting point is that this law also works in the opposite direction. That is giving positive energy, good emotions to other people, you also receive them back.

Everyone treats this rule of the boomerang differently-some believe in it, some do not. Or maybe someone just doesn’t notice this rule of boomerangs at all. Personally I believe in this very rule of the boomerang and constantly face it in life. I will give you three examples from life.

First example

One day in front of me in the store at the checkout, one grandmother was $2 short. I looked at her basket, she had mostly basic necessities: pasta, milk, potatoes, tomatoes and bread. I added those 2 dollars to her basket, it’s not difficult for me.

Two months later that $2 was returned to me in a completely unexpected way. I was already very late for the bus, ran to the cashier to buy a ticket for $7, but I only had $5 in change and a $100 bill in my wallet. I handed the cashier a $100 bill, and she said she didn’t have change and needed exactly $7. The bus is leaving in 3 minutes, I just do not have time to run to change. And what do you think? The guy in the back just gives me those $2 dollars for nothing, and I have time to buy a ticket.

I did good, and at the right moment it came back to me.

Second example

Once, for several days, a little black kitten was walking near my house. It looked like a pet and meowed a lot.

Then I thought that maybe he was lost, so I put out an ad that I had found such and such a kitten. Of course, I took a picture of him on one side, because he had white spots on the other side. I did this so that when someone called me, I could be sure that the owner of this kitten was calling me.

So that’s what happened. A few days later I got a call from the person on the ad and correctly described what the cat looked like. And then 5 months later I lost my cat, who went outside in a snowstorm and didn’t come back for days. I posted an ad on the internet about my lost cat and 3 days later my cat was found.

As you can see, another good thing I did came back.

And now I want to give you an example, which clearly shows that it is better to do good rather than evil.

Third example

When I was still in school, we had one boy who had some disabilities. And he was teased every time by a girl named Sharon. She used to tease him all the time, make fun of him.

And what do you think? 20 years later, Sharon had a child of her own, who had his own disabilities, and now she’s raising money for his treatment.

As you can see, this too is a boomerang that came back to her after a very long period of time.

In general, the boomerang rule in life is illustrated by this great picture:

3 examples of the boomerang rule in life

As you can see, in this picture, the man in the back is not yet thinking about the consequences of what he does. What he does will come back to him in an instant. That’s how the boomerang rule works and this picture shows it perfectly.

Be sure to keep this picture and bring to this world only good, which one day will return to you in full!

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