Facing a Problem? 25 Life Laws That Explain a Lot

Facing a Problem? 25 Life Laws That Explain a Lot

The famous business coach Itzhak Adizes says: “Your problems are not unique. They are guaranteed to have already happened to someone else”. That is why it is better to study other people’s experiences than to learn from your own mistakes.

There are even so-called laws of life – these are patterns that happen to people who are too confident or people who ignore them. These laws are based on the lived experience of many wise people, so if you often face problems, it is worth listening to them.

In this article, we present to you a compilation of the basic 25 laws of life that explain a lot and will probably help you to solve your problem.

1. Pareto’s Law

20% of effort yields 80% of the result. And vice versa. The laws of life only work on this ratio.

2. Cheesholm’s Third Law

Any suggestions you make are bound to be interpreted differently than you mean them. That’s because people are different and, accordingly, think differently, too.

3. Ould and Kahn’s Law

The more people involved in a meeting and the more time you spend on it, the less effective it is.

4. Richard’s Rule of Interdependence

What you keep long enough, you can throw away. Once you throw something away, you will need it.

5. Lerman’s Law

Absolutely any technical problem can be solved if you have money and time. But the problem is that you will always be short of either time or money.

6. Ettore’s observation

The queue next to you in the store always moves faster. And if you stand in it, the one you left will move faster.

7. Hlade’s Law

The most difficult task should be given to the laziest employee. He is sure to find an easy and high-quality way to solve it. After all, the lazy person will not complicate his life and will do the work well at once, so that he will not have to redo it later.

8. Murphy’s Law

If something can go wrong, it is bound to go wrong. And of all the possible worst situations, it is the worst that will happen.

9. The Law of Meximan

There’s always not enough time to get the job done right, but there’s always time to redo it.

10. The Law of Searching

What you need lies either in the most prominent, or in the most unexpected place. So don’t waste your time and start your search from the most inappropriate place.

11. Peter’s Principle

A person is competent up to the level of his incompetence. The more you know and know how, the harder it will be for you to learn and develop further. As you climb up the career ladder, you will soon reach a level of complexity that is too high for you.

12. The Axiom of Kahn and Orben

If nothing else works, read the instruction!

13. Hanlon’s Razor

Often, anything you think of as malice is done out of stupidity. So don’t blame people in vain for their evil intentions, which are not.

14. Poe’s Law

Make jokes about controversial topics with the obligatory indication that it is a joke, otherwise there will still be someone who takes the statement seriously.

15. Finagle’s Fourth Law

If something has gone wrong, any attempt to save the situation will only make it worse. So sometimes it is better to leave things as they are.

16. Zimmerga’s Law of Voluntary Labor

People are always ready to take a job when there is no need for it.

17. Gumperson’s Law

Your desire is inversely proportional to the probability of achieving the desired result. That is, if you are in a hurry, everything around you will intentionally interfere with your hurry: the zipper on your pants will catch, the key will not get into the lock, the bus will stand at a stop and stop at every traffic light, etc.

18. The Law of Selective Gravitation

If something falls, that thing is likely to suffer the most damage. After all, the sandwich always falls buttered down.

19. Parkinson’s Law

The work will be done in the time frame you set for it. Even if you can accomplish a task in 1 day, and you set a deadline of the end of the week, the work will still be done no sooner than the deadline comes to an end.

20. Young’s Law

All great discoveries are made by mistake.

21. Fingale’s Eighth Rule

Why do people like teamwork? It’s very simple. If something is wrong, this kind of work makes it easy to put the blame on someone else.

22. Murphy’s Law of Scientific Research

Obsessed people are not prepared for reality. In defense of their theory, they will do so much research until they are proven right. But do you have that much time?

23. Segal’s Law

The man who has one watch knows firmly what time it is. The man who has several watches is not sure of anything.

24. Harrisson’s Postulate

For every action there is a countercriticism equal to it.

25. Drew’s Law of Professional Practice

Whoever pays the least, complains the most.

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