When you have something to show the world

When you have something to show the world

We bought our first camera right after our wedding, with the money we were given as a gift. A few months later we were given our wedding photos. We looked at them and weren’t happy at all…

We decided that we needed to do something good and worthwhile ourselves. At that time we had no idea what to do and how to do it, no taste and practically no basics, but we decided to try. Before that, my spouse went to school for graphic design, where she met some creative people. Then photographers she knew began to appear. Those whose work she liked were followed online, went to their master classes and schools. Thanks to such people the process of growth in photography went much faster.

Why did I decide to become a photographer?

Photography has had a rather strong and unusual influence on my life. I once read an interpretation of a famous phrase: “The most interesting thing about photography is who you are. If you are a mediocre, boring and uninteresting person, so will your photographs.

These reflections served as an impetus to begin the systematic development of myself as a person, to revise my goals and to try to make my life more conscious and interesting. Little by little, I began to understand what I could do and what I needed to become. And here we are not talking about trivial success, but more about becoming myself.

Photography is a language, like literature, cinema, etc., but it has no value if you have nothing to say. Understanding this fact has helped to begin to form interests, to cultivate a certain aesthetic within myself in order for this baggage to influence photography.

In all of this there is unlimited room for self-realization and development in the form of exposure to contemporary visual culture, interesting creative people, the development of taste, self-actualization, etc.

The most interesting thing about photography is who you are. If you’re a mediocre, boring, and uninteresting person, so will your photos.

When you have something to show the world

Thanks to communication with very different people, we began to notice how many people’s attitude to photography changes and how subtly most of them grasp seemingly insignificant little things and details. In order to work more effectively, to bring happiness to our clients and to constantly develop, we have identified a few important points for ourselves:

  1. The content plays a major role. The main question is what this shooting wants and can tell the viewer. Creativity and the artist are important when their work can convey a message and change something in society. This requires a language that is clear, contemporary and relevant.
  2. People’s attention. Since photography is not a person’s primary need, for us in the search for clients, the struggle for the viewer’s attention comes to the forefront. And here there can only be one criterion for success: if society wants what you do, it will pay attention to you, if not, it is useless both in terms of creativity and business. These thoughts keep you on your toes and keep you from slipping into boredom and self-indulgence.

We like to look at photography as a process of communication. We want to be heard, understood, and to say something new with it.

A few tips for taking good pictures

If you decide to become a photographer, be prepared to learn a lot. Shooting with a smartphone and professional photography are not the same thing. It’s important to consider everything: foreshortening, exposure, zoom, camera height, placement of subjects, filters, and more.

For my experience, nature is easier to photograph than people. Nature is usually stationary, but people are not.

Children are especially difficult to photograph because they are restless and impatient. Very young children are best photographed up to 2 weeks of age. During this time they sleep a lot and you can get great shots of them without disturbing them. When shooting older children, you’ll need a lot of patience, help from parents to organize the kids, and a very fast pace.

When you have something to show the world

As far as clothing and style are concerned, advance preparation and attention to detail will save you a lot of time and nerves both during the shoot and when processing it. Try to choose clothes according to season, purpose, color, color spots-details, close combinations, culture and location of the shoot.

A separate article should be written about recommendations for wedding photography, since it combines portrait, reportage, fashion, and other types of photography. So a short, general advice on how to shoot a story from a photo. It will be very useful to get acquainted with the rules of editing in cinematography. If you follow the basic rules, the shooting will be interesting and unusual, and you will want to watch it at least to the end.

When you have something to show the world

And to make sure that all these efforts are not in vain, we advise you to be very careful about storing your footage. One of our rules is to store the material on at least two different media, one of which must be unplugged.

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