10 simple ways to love and respect yourself

10 simple ways to love and respect yourself

No matter how hard we try to build relationships with our partners, the main feeling of love we can feel is love toward ourselves. How can we love and accept ourselves if the critic inside is constantly judging, comparing and evaluating? Start small, and step by step your self-perception will change for the better.

1. Change the way you approach your inner dialogue

Pay attention to the way you conduct a dialogue with yourself. In what way do you analyze your actions and words. Do you scold yourself? We may not be aware of how often we humiliate or undervalue ourselves for the little things that are not worth a letter. Try to replace a dozen negative words with one positive one. Further – more, soon a positive internal dialogue will become a habit, and in place of self-abasement will come a sense of dignity and respect.

2. Maintain only healthy relationships

It’s much easier to love yourself if you feel the love that your loved ones give you. Spend more time with people who support you, or limit your time with those who cross personal boundaries. Family, friends, and partner are your support and backbone, and the love and positive emotions they give is a must for self-love.

The more you communicate with people who appreciate you, the more you begin to appreciate yourself. Don’t forget that your environment plays an important role in your life, and with each step you open up more not only to each other, but also to the life around you.

3. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made

We are all human, and there is no such thing as a person who has never made a mistake. If you made a mistake in the past, why can’t you be worthy of love and respect now? Work through the mistake, take time for it. Take time out to understand why you did what you did and how you would like to behave in the future in a similar situation.

We are constantly changing and going towards self-improvement. A worked through mistake is not a skeleton in your closet, but your baggage and an asset to be proud of and love.

4. Accept the world as it is

No matter what situation you’re in, let things take their course. Stop wondering and thinking about how things should be and why they aren’t.

Patience is something each of us should learn. Once you begin to accept what is happening and stop complaining, you will be at an advantage in every situation. The weather will turn out to be beautiful, and the seemingly uncomfortable situation will be resolvable. Confidence in what’s going on is a sure way to feel harmony and catch “zen”.

5. Get to know yourself better

Try to write down your thoughts and emotions every day. How you reacted to this or that situation, when you experienced joy, and what action made you lose your temper. With each word you will begin to understand your feelings more and more, and therefore learn how to manage them, creating a comfortable environment.

6. Be mindful of your body

Taking care of your physical health is an essential part of accepting and loving yourself. A balanced diet, exercise and rest will have a positive effect on your body and consequently on your psychological state.

You don’t have to swim across the Bosphorus or go on a strict diet, find your golden mean. Running, yoga or dance classes, you can choose what your soul and body want. Moreover, once a conscious approach to health becomes a habit, you won’t want to give it up.

7. Give the opportunity to surprise you

Try saying “Yes” to things you mostly say “No” to. Go on a date with an acquaintance whose invitation you were previously shy to accept. Agree to a trip to a distant country or a weekend in a city you’ve been avoiding. Let the situation get out of control, because who knows what a pleasant surprise it could turn out to be?

Do not let yourself stagnate in one place, because falling in love with life gives the main thing – falling in love with yourself.

8. Remember to thank yourself

Before going to bed, think back to the previous day and thank yourself for at least three things that have brought joy and benefit to you or any stranger.

Think about what you would like to say “thank you” for tomorrow. This will not only provide encouragement, but will also help you figure out exactly what you want to get out of the next day.

9. Remember your strengths

Think of the things you’re good at, whether it’s cooking, listening, drawing, caring, or counting. Look at your skills not as ordinary skills, but as talents or superpowers that give you that very strength.

If you don’t know your strengths, ask people close to you about them. The main thing – do not allow the idea that they do not exist in principle. Each of us is unique, and that is our greatest strength.

10. Do not close in yourself

Living “in harmony” with the inner world is good, but do not go into it with his head and fence off from what is happening.

Without social interaction, your thoughts will become more and more monotonous and rigid. Have a conversation with someone who has a different opinion from you. The discussion will help you look at the subject of the conversation from a different perspective and relate to you less superficially.

The idea that you are a multifaceted person will at least make you feel good, and at most, interesting to your interlocutors.

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