A Parable of Survival and Signs of the Universe

A Parable of Survival and Signs of the Universe

You can believe or not believe in the signs from above or esoteric nature of our being, however, science has repeatedly shown that meditation allows a person to reach such depths of the subconscious, which can not be achieved any other activity or therapy.

The universe sends us not only lessons for new experiences, but also clues in the form of signs. It constantly shows us the right way, warns us of trouble, protects us from something, so it is very important to learn to see and correctly decipher its instructions.

With the help of signs the Universe helps us to find our true purpose and become what we should be. Usually messages from the Universe come to us encoded in the form of an allegorical message or a peculiar symbol. It takes practice to learn to see and decipher the signs. The wisdom of our ancestors can also help, such as this one, encapsulated in an ancient parable.

A Parable of Survival

One day man decided to comprehend spiritual knowledge. In ancient times, if there was such a desire, people would seek solitude in nature. So the man went to the forest and found a suitable place for meditation. After he sat down on a large rock, not far from himself he noticed a maimed fox. Most likely, the animal had fallen into a hunting trap. Nature is not favorable to such limitations. An animal that cannot get its own food will not live much longer. However, despite the fact that the fox had no front paws, it looked healthy and well-fed.

The man noticed this, and he became curious as to how the fox got along without his paws. But he needed to meditate, so he closed his eyes and got down to business. Thus he continued until the evening. At sunset, the man heard a lion growling nearby and had to interrupt his meditation. He decided to climb a tree. At that moment a lion came out of the forest. He had a piece of meat in his mouth. The predator came up and put his prey in front of the maimed fox. The fox ate and the lion left.

Observing what was happening, the man thought that the universe was thus sending him a sign. But what did the message mean? Leaving his meditation, the man began to search for the secret meaning of the message. Finally, he decided that the universe was pointing him to the fact that in this wonderful place even the formidable lion cares for the defenseless fox.

“Here I am a fool, wanting to comprehend spiritual knowledge, but all day long I think about food,” the man pondered. – I’ll just keep sitting and meditating, and the food will come to me.

The man climbed up on his rock and began to meditate again. On the fifth day, he could no longer move, he was so exhausted. A wise man was passing through the same forest, he noticed the man and decided to ask him what had happened to him. The man answered the sage:

– I got a sign from the universe, obeyed, and this is what it led to. Just look at this fattened fox. Every day a lion comes in with his prey and gives it all away. Isn’t that a message from above? Please tell me that this is the universe speaking to me.

The wise man said in response:

– Definitely a sign from the Universe. But why did you choose to be a wounded fox and not a noble lion?

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