How do our thoughts materialize? 5 secrets of the power of attraction

How do our thoughts materialize? 5 secrets of the power of attraction

Psychologists say that each of us can give meaning to his own life, change it for the better and realize absolutely everything he dreams about. But one thing is dreams and thoughts, another thing is practice. How does one thing relate to the other: thoughts and their realization? How do our thoughts materialize?

We present to your attention 5 secrets to turn what you think about into reality as easy as possible.

1st Secret: Realize what in the environment does not meet your expectations

If a person begins to work on the power of attraction, he often succeeds in getting what he wants. For example, a person wants to get rich, but for some reason many people think that the means will come out of nowhere (gifts, inheritance, etc.), but in fact the world thinks otherwise.

The useful acquaintances can help you realize your plans. For example, if a person has a friend who works in a large company, and he tells him that a very promising job is now open. In this case, the expectation of becoming rich does not coincide with reality, that is, employment in a promising position, but if you take advantage of the situation correctly and make an effort, your dreams can come true.

The realization of thoughts does not always happen in a direct way, as the law of nature often prefers to “remain anonymous”.

2nd secret: Just thinking about something won’t get you results

We cannot say that all our thoughts are the “parents” of the results we get, they simply help us achieve what we want. The difference between “thinking” and “realizing” is very great. The famous movie “The Secret” did not take this difference into account, and for this reason it received a lot of negative feedback from critics, because the authors said that any thoughts can be realized on their own, although this is not true.

Thoughts only create the necessary conditions for the realization of what has been planned. With the help of thoughts a person makes a plan, develops concrete steps, communicates with the right people, thanks to which he may have opportunities to get closer to the goal.

3rd secret: To realize your life plans, you need full dedication

It’s important to work through each level of the law of attraction; if you put all your effort into just the first step, you won’t be able to achieve anything. You also need to realize how important thought is in achieving what you want, because without it you can’t get any opportunities at all.

4th secret: The importance of your desire

The magic is that we can get what we want only when we really need it. The universe protects us from anything unnecessary. Thoughts begin to translate into reality when our interest is overwhelming, when we want it with great force.

5th secret: Be patient and the time will come

You have to understand that there is a certain amount of time between when an idea comes up and when a certain result is achieved. We think every second, but we don’t get results that quickly. Because it is difficult to determine what that period of time will be, many find it difficult to believe in the reality of the law of attraction.

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