My musical picture of the world

My musical picture of the world

God gave us music so that we could learn to love. Now I am ashamed of the beats of youth, anxious for the rhymes of youth, but joyful for the sounds of maturity.

With that said, there’s every chance to discover love without waiting until old age! It’s interesting to live!

Why am I fascinated by music?

I was born in the eighties in the province and am a member of a unique generation of last audiocassette listeners. We collected and listened everything: domestic pop, Western rock mixed with simple backyard songs with guitar.

My picture of the world gave a break in the mid-90s, when I moved to a big city and learned at the first disco that you people dance to music, and the samples and melodies themselves can be amazingly versatile. During my years in high school and then university I discovered Radiohead, U2, Depeche Mode, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, Audioslave, Bjork, Portishead and MassiveAttack.

That’s when my musical marginality started. I was alienated from mass culture, shunned informal subcultures and sought self-discovery through the tantrums of Thom Yorke, the howls of Bjork and the trip-hop flow of passion.

When in August the thermometer dips to +40 C outside the window, and the lingering rain begins its steady beat, then the question of existential reflection arises sharply. If you make your favorite background music the main thing, you can discover a wonderful world where anxiety multiplied by anxiety gives calm, and calm multiplied by anxiety gives birth to peace.

This music gave me a lot. Its measured rhythm taught me how to live outside of peak situations. If everyone was busting through the first door I would choose the second, if everyone was yelling I would be quiet, and when everyone was quiet I would start yelling and walk away when my scream was picked up by the others. I was a strange boy and listened to beautiful music with amazing female vocals.

Singing girls are a separate chapter in my life that I write with drool, snot and tears. I really love singing girls! Women’s vocals that you believe in and empathize with are so much that it’s pointless to talk about them! You have to listen to it and understand it. I’m learning, I’m trying! I understand something. I want and strive to understand even more!

Of course, Depeche Mode, trip-hop and Radiohead are music of temptation, filled with voluptuousness and passion. It was a reflection of my youthful understanding of love. Was it any different for a lot of people in their youth? I’ve paid my bills in full! Now it’s just atmospheric music which brings me back to bygone days and helps me to actualize the conclusions I once drew. Now I listen to author’s music, where there is a statement that carries value for me.

That’s how I write my musical picture of the world. Jazz teaches me how to listen, rock and rap teaches me how to be a hooligan, classical teaches me how to visualize, and opera teaches me how to marvel. In contemporary music, I don’t single out styles, but look for moods and the same relevant meanings for me. I am very happy when I find them, and I am happy to share my musical discoveries with everyone.

A year ago I joined a men’s choir where I do classical vocals. Now I have a guide to the world of music. I’m extremely happy about that! Now I’m making a movie about our choir master, which I intend to show this summer.

With each session, with each rehearsal, the boundless world of music opens up before me wider and wider. New horizons are so enticing. And I want to discover and understand as much as possible the amazing purpose and role of music in me and in the world! For if there were no music in the world, there would probably be no life itself.

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