How to decide on a profession? Search tips and strategies

How to decide on a profession? Search tips and strategies

It is difficult for a girl or a young man of 17-18 to determine his strengths and weaknesses. They still do not know themselves well, so choosing a profession at this time is a difficult task. But it is quite manageable. The main thing in this period is to try new things and perceive failures as necessary experience.

Sometimes a teacher, who obviously sees talent in a teenager, sometimes a psychologist helps them choose a suitable profession. If there is no one to advise and help, young people go to college at random, having no guidelines. How not to make the wrong choice? We present several strategies for finding the right profession.

How do I know which profession is right for me?

First of all, you and only you should like this profession. The decision to choose a profession should not be dictated by fashion, by other people or by the unrealized ambitions of your parents. Young people, if they are hesitant to make such an important decision, can devote several years to finding themselves. And you don’t have to go straight to college after high school.

Secondly, you need to figure out if you have the skills and abilities to succeed in this profession. Here you have to work on yourself, on your personal growth.

You need to start your search for the right place to study with intention. This is the first step. It is important to realize what kind of work activity brings satisfaction. A person should feel needed, significant.

How to decide on a profession? Search tips and strategies

The next step is education. Now you need to find a university that teaches the chosen craft. Even if it is in another city, you have to make up your mind and go. If a person feels that this field is his future, he will have to take risks and fight.

After education, a person is confronted with practice and has a better understanding of himself and his capabilities. At this stage he either adapts and becomes more familiar with the profession, or he looks for a new field again.

Strategies for finding a profession. Tips from psychologists

Psychologists have developed many tests on career guidance, there are books on self-development, instructions. You should not hesitate to use the help of coaches and psychologists. They really help you look at your abilities from the outside and make the right choice.

To understand one’s capabilities, one must do a great deal of inner work. A person must adequately perceive his abilities, be aware of the peculiarities of his character, and consider his values.

How do you know your profession? A simple analysis of the necessary qualities of character can help. You need to find a list of qualities required for a particular profession, and put in front of each available quality plus or minus. The more pluses, the better you are suited for it. But if there is no interest in it, you shouldn’t go there.

How to decide on a profession? Search tips and strategies

Remember: Without interest, a person cannot work productively and for a long time in one place. He quickly burns out, gets depressed. Success awaits if by trial and error you manage to find an activity where interest and opportunities are combined. Your work must be in demand by the market.

Determine what your talent

Talent in some field is given to every person from birth. But it cannot be discovered without a search, an effort of will. What is the best way for a person to show himself or herself, how do you know? How to choose a profession in which you will not be disappointed?

You have to choose something that is really encouraging you. Any activity is exhausting. But when there is enthusiasm, a desire to do better, the result is really better, it means that this is your path to success.

One more observation about how to decide on a profession. Success is not always about fame and money. Success is an inner state of well-being. If you like inventing new styles of music, do it; have a burning desire to become a better fiction writer, then look for writing courses.

You should not think about what brings or does not bring income. Everything in life can change dramatically at any moment. Perhaps you are destined to make a special discovery. How do you find out? Monitor the market, social networks, websites. Professions these days are popping up all the time. Maybe in 5-6 years, there will just be one that is meant for you.

Alternative ways to find a Profession

Sometimes it is extremely difficult for young people to determine what they themselves like. If their parents constantly belittled their self-esteem, it will also be hard to really assess their capabilities. Then, first of all, it is worth working on their self-esteem. Secondly, look for their creative potential. In this, sometimes psychologists help, sometimes astrologers. Astrologers determine aptitudes and talents by date and time of birth.

How to decide on a profession from your date of birth? Find out exactly from your parents the time and place of your birth and give this data to an astrologer. He will help you to understand what professional world according to your horoscope is suitable for you. Whether it is creativity, or management. Or maybe fate has destined you to practice medicine? It’s quite realistic to find out.

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