How to find harmony with yourself? Recommendations from a psychologist

How to find harmony with yourself? Recommendations from a psychologist

Each of us strives for harmony. But sometimes neither the people we love around us, nor our careers, nor money can bring back that fleeting feeling that we’ve certainly already experienced, but not for long. Do you know why?

Because we look for harmony in the people and things around us, as if we hold them responsible for its absence. In fact, however, it is hidden within us. Harmony is inner equilibrium, peace and serenity, which cannot be shaken by any external factors. Only yogis and Buddhist monks are likely to achieve this level of harmony. But can we, ordinary people, achieve it?

We have collected some useful tips from psychologists that will tell you how to find harmony within yourself. Follow these simple rules and do what you really want to do. This is the secret of inner peace. Confucius said:

“What the higher man seeks is in himself, that the lower man seeks in others”.

Harmonization of space

Happiness lies in the little things. If you can create a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere around you, your chances of finding harmony will increase significantly.

The task of your home is to restore energy and mental strength, to give protection and warmth. How to harmonize it? Everything depends on your individual preferences. You can decorate rooms with flowers, Vedic attributes or images of water space.

How to find harmony with yourself? Recommendations from a psychologist

Love Yourself

A person who does not love and accept himself cannot be happy and harmonious a priori. Loving and forgiving yourself is a very difficult but important step. It requires tremendous willpower. And it consists of more than one step.

The first thing you need to do is to realize that we all have our faults. And you have to accept yours and not beat yourself up for not being perfect. Do not allow yourself to talk about the shortcomings of their own appearance, and to think about them should be less. Do not compare yourself with others. Ralph Waldo Emerson said:

“Every person I met in something superior to me. But is that a reason to voluntarily give up loving yourself and your own uniqueness? After all, it is for the little imperfections that we are loved by those around us”.

And also remember that you always have a chance to be better. All you have to do is want to. Don’t forget to praise yourself for small successes and imagine what other people think of you as rarely as possible. Love yourself enough to improve physically and spiritually, not to compromise your own dignity and act according to your beliefs. While, of course, not in any way infringing on the interests of others.

Smile more often

How to find harmony with yourself? Recommendations from a psychologist

We receive from the universe a mirror image of our thoughts. Perhaps everyone knows this. A depressed state, a bad mood, and negative thoughts eventually worsen your physical condition, making life faded and joyless.

A smile is the best way to boost your mood and improve your attitude toward life. Have you come home from work, where you’ve experienced a lot of stress, and at home there’s a mountain of unwashed dishes, a tired husband, and naughty children? Try to find pleasure in the moments that you probably did not notice – the smile of the children, a kiss from your husband, greeting the cat. And try to smile.

Smiling is closely linked to our emotional state and physical health. Scientists have proven its positive effect on human health, because at this time the brain receives a signal of a great mood. After this the body produces endorphins, which are related to the hormones of joy. They contribute to raising the mood. However, this is not the only way to find harmony with yourself.

Enjoy the moment

Have you noticed that you are always rushing somewhere, often talking and thinking about the future? For some reason people always think that the future will be better, so their thoughts are mostly in the future. But this is fundamentally wrong approach. You rush to live without noticing that the years are passing, and you are still in a state of waiting for someone: it will be better, more, more needed. But how can you find peace of mind and harmony inside with this kind of thinking?

Pay attention to how you spend your day. Surely you are in a hurry to go somewhere, you don’t have time for anything. This is how adults accustomed you since childhood: rushing to kindergarten, to school, and then to work. Try to spend your day paying attention to small details: bright flowers on the table, birdsong, the smiles of passersby, hot coffee. Stop in your moments and try to do the things you enjoy, taking your time. And in the unpleasant things, try to find something pleasant. We assure you it’s there!

How to find harmony with yourself? Recommendations from a psychologist

Dismiss negative thoughts and feelings

Everyone says that we should try to experience as few negative emotions as possible. But the truth is, we can’t protect ourselves from them (unless we sit at home, read the news, and talk to people). You just have to learn to accept them. You can be overcome with jealousy, resentment, rage for years, but you can hide them in the far corner of your mind. Because to admit that you were hurt, insulted or humiliated is not easy. Once you accept these emotions, run them through your own consciousness, you will find a way to get rid of them.

In his book The Happiness Hypothesis, John Gaidt states that it is important to put your negative emotions into words. What’s said doesn’t own you anymore. And you can let it go. And it’s very easy to do – just forgive the offender. And we, discussing how to find harmony with himself, smoothly move on to the next point.

Forgive everyone, including yourself

Not all people know how to forgive. Only a few have this ability. But it is possible to find it, if you have accumulated enough wisdom and understanding of others.

You still keep in mind insulting words boss, unpleasant words of the object of first love, or quarrel with the neighbor? Forgive these people and let go of negative emotions. Free yourself. Do not be too harsh on the world and on yourself – we are all flawed. Here’s how to find harmony with yourself. Although at first glance the task seems impossible.

How to find harmony with yourself? Recommendations from a psychologist

Forgiveness is especially important for women. Many women are interested in how to find harmony within themselves. But forgiveness, especially of men, is difficult for them. And women themselves sometimes do not realize that it is their resentment of the male half of the population become the cause of diseases of the reproductive system. Is it worth it?

In order to forgive someone, it is enough to sympathize with them. Think that the person who offended you is probably unhappy. And sincerely pity him. After all, his anger is destroying him from within. You were in contact with him a short time, and he still has to live with himself.

Learn to see the men who come into your life as teachers. Did he bring you happiness but end up hurting you? Thank him for the good feelings and let him go in peace. Think about what you got out of the relationship. After all, he was sent to you for some reason the universe.

Learn to forgive yourself as well. You are entitled to mistakes and shortcomings. Here’s how to find harmony with yourself as a person.

Use financial resources wisely

Finances are a major source of our stress. It’s bad without it, but when it comes, it’s a shame to spend it! As a result, people are under constant stress because for some reason they think that money can bring them happiness. Psychologists deny this misconception, saying that it is the successful and wealthy people who are mostly unhappy. And millions, or even billions, don’t particularly help them cope with depression.

However, the habit of spending money without thinking about it is also not very useful. Therefore, it is recommended to write down all the expenses that you make in a month. Researchers have found that this technique can reduce spending by a third. Try to save 10% of your income every month. And spend your money not only on things and food, but also on experiences.

See life in gratitude

Psychologists advise to write down every day the events for which we want to thank the Universe: for life, for the sun, for air, for warmth, for health, for the fact that every day we wake up again…

How to find harmony with yourself? Recommendations from a psychologist

Experts call the ability to be grateful a key component of happiness. But we tend to pay more attention to negative events than to positive ones. Scientists have long established that people remember ugliness visually much better than beauty. This is due to our inability to focus on the good. And how can we find mental harmony if we can’t see the beauty around us?

Do what you like to do

If you don’t like your job, but you can’t change it yet, try to find the pluses in it. Think about how it allows you to develop. And of course, find a hobby that will really give you pleasure. Even if you can give it very little time.

Doing what you like is probably the secret to happiness. Perhaps one day your hobby will grow into an income-generating activity. Scientists long ago established that true success can be achieved only if you do something that brings pleasure. Here’s how to find harmony with yourself.

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