15 most essential things in human life

15 most essential things in human life

Do you often have to think about those things without which human life is simply impossible? No, it’s not about food, water, money, or anything material. There are some things that we don’t even think about, but without them, life would seem to be just an ordinary existence. And this is something that people very rarely think about. However, in our article we have collected a whole list of necessary things that we should pay more attention to, because they are very important.

1. Health

This is probably the most important thing that every person should appreciate. Even if you are a rich and powerful person who can do great things, it does not mean that you will have perfect health. But it is on the list of the most necessary things for a person who wants to feel alive and happy. After all, poor health will sooner or later lead to a deplorable condition.

15 most essential things in human life

Also, psychologists have repeatedly confirmed that the more excellent health a person has, the happier he becomes over time.

It’s not even that in this case nothing will prevent him from feeling happy. It is simply that when a person exercises or eats healthy foods, they release endorphins. These substances are also known colloquially as “happy hormones”. So it is no surprise that this stuff is the most essential for absolutely everyone.

2. Time

This resource can, without exaggeration, be called the most expensive that each person has. Have you decided to make a list of necessary things? Time should occupy one of the leading positions in it. Yes, sometimes it may seem that we have it in abundance, but it is the most common misconception to which a person can succumb. Life becomes incredibly transient as the years go by. And the closer one gets to old age, the less time one has left.

15 most essential things in human life

Needless to say, this resource is an irreplaceable one. You cannot get more time, because it only tends to flow away. But you can rationally use the time given to you by fate. If you start devoting more time to self-development and working on your future, you will feel happier. Otherwise your brain will realize that it is wasting time, as a result of which constant depression will bother you and will not leave you alone.

3. Inspiration

This thing, which is necessary for every person, is also commonly called “motivation”. An inspired person is able to reach great heights.

And it’s not even about wealth and great popularity. Hardly any man who ever lived used his potential even half. And it is all about motivation, which comes and goes. It goes without saying that no one can be inspired every day, but it is this state that leads to better results.

15 most essential things in human life

Many people believe that inspiration and motivation are qualities that only strong, self-sufficient individuals engaged in creativity or sports have. In fact, this is not the case. After all, a motivated person is able not only to achieve great success in life, but also to accomplish tasks without much difficulty, as well as to find the strength to solve problems. Such a thing is very much needed by every person.

4. Social Connections

All people who have decided to engage in self-development, should learn a main lesson: “The loneliness – is utopia”. No matter what heights a person has reached, it is vital for him to feel the attention of others to himself. This allows to increase self-esteem, as well as to get the motivation to move forward.

However, who, if not a friend or your protégé, is able to give sensible advice or even help in a difficult situation? That’s why a person should also include social connections in his or her list of things to do.

15 most essential things in human life

In addition, connecting with people can be incredibly helpful. Think about it: “Who would find it easier to build a house? – the person who is used to doing the hard work himself, or the person who asks for help to submit a heavy sheet of slate for the roof?”. Our friends, acquaintances, partners are able to push us to the right thoughts, to point out the shortcomings, to motivate us to be better. So it is worth valuing friendships and making useful acquaintances when necessary.

5. Success

One of the most necessary things that absolutely everyone needs. If a person will not see that the business he is engaged in brings him success, sooner or later he will lose all motivation for action, and no one will have the right to blame him for that.

That is why it is important for everyone to feel the positive result of their labors every day. Otherwise, we simply will not have the strength to cope with difficulties.

15 most essential things in human life

The interesting fact is that success, like motivation, is a short-term phenomenon. It is far from a fact that the owner of a large company will hold a position for his entire life, and all the contracts he signs will work as intended.

In addition, success is a rather relative concept. One person will rejoice in words of gratitude, while another will not be satisfied even with material rewards. However, success is necessary for everyone – this is a fact.

6. Love

It is difficult to imagine a person who does not need care, affection and attention from loved ones. Even if you have a few hundred loyal friends, ready to go after you in fire and water, will you be happy? Probably not, because everyone wants to feel special for someone. We all want to hear from a loved one the words: “You are dearer to me than life itself”.

15 most essential things in human life

It is rather difficult to give the very notion of love, because each person perceives this feeling ambiguously. However, it is inextricably linked with the release of endorphins, which allow you to feel a rush of happiness. A person in love will always feel alive, cherishing every minute spent next to the other half. Doubly pleasant when feelings are reciprocal – such relationships sometimes even cause envy of others.

7. Intellect

What things do modern man need to feel happy? Many would say that a lot of money is enough, as well as influential acquaintances. But will a rich person feel happy when they have to communicate with intelligent people? Or does the number of cars, gadgets show the level of intelligence? Of course not. That is why everyone needs a good education in order to achieve great heights.

15 most essential things in human life

But an educated person should not be confused with someone who has graduated from an institution of higher learning. One does not have to go to Harvard or complete professional courses to be intelligent. Many outstanding personalities have been self-taught. The main thing is to have a desire for self-improvement and to use all opportunities to become smarter, because without the right knowledge in one field or another, you can’t succeed.

8. Faith

Have you ever heard of the law of the materialization of thoughts? If so, you probably know very well how important it is to keep faith in something good. After all, if a person focuses only on problems, they are bound to appear in his life again and again. And success is achieved only by those who think about good things all the time. Even if trouble surrounds him on all sides, faith will help resolve the most serious difficulties.

15 most essential things in human life

In addition, it should be noted that if a person in the depths of his soul hopes that his desires will one day be fulfilled, then it will happen. The scope of dreams is not limited. It all depends on how much a person believes in this or that dream. For example, if someone wants to become the ruler of the world, it is quite possible. But only if the person does not doubt his desire and that it will certainly come true.

9. Memories

There’s nothing like memories. Even if one achieves great heights and spends days on the ocean, lounging in a hammock and drinking freshly squeezed juice, it does not mean that one will be completely happy.

Sometimes we just need to feel a sense of nostalgia. Don’t believe it? Just think back to your carefree childhood with friends or meeting your first love. Memories awaken very pleasant emotions in us.

15 most essential things in human life

But how would a person who has had complete memory loss as a result of amnesia feel? That’s right, he will feel out of place. Such patients see that they are surrounded by thousands of other people, all of whom have something to remember. But the fact that they can’t find a shred of information about the past in their brains is sometimes maddening.

That’s why remembering the past, memories are on the list of the most necessary things in a person’s life.

10. Self-development

If a person will always stop at what has been achieved in one area or another, then to achieve greater heights, he will not succeed. So do not forget how important it is to develop every day.

And it’s not just about the professional sphere of activity. A man should also watch his body, doing regular physical activity, reading more books, developing memory and increasing the vocabulary, to go out of the comfort zone and so on.

Lack of progress is degradation. So the list of necessary things for women and men should definitely include self-development. Otherwise, a man will not feel that he is living his life to the best of his ability. He will gradually begin to realize that he could have achieved more if he had been able to overcome the barriers within himself. Sooner or later such thoughts will lead to the fact that the personality will simply stop feeling the taste of life and feeling happiness.

15 most essential things in human life

11. Safety

A person cannot be successful and happy if he always feels that his life is threatened. Therefore, we all know deep down that our safety is of the utmost importance. This is what nature itself and our instinct for self-preservation dictate.

Most people do not pay much attention to this factor, because they simply do not notice it. However, imagine the situation that you unexpectedly find yourself in a place where there is a war. What will you think about first? Hardly about motivation or self-development. This is why our safety is the key to a happy life.

12. Discipline

Self-development is simply impossible without this most important thing. If a person does not know how to control his own thoughts, feelings, actions, and spoken words, he will forever remain in the same place where he is now.

No matter how strong the motivation is, sooner or later it will disappear. But if one has well-developed discipline, he can overcome all adversity by simply saying: “I must to do it!”.

15 most essential things in human life

This useful quality allows not only to engage in self-development, but also to establish relationships with other people. After all, sometimes we just want to say a few words of caress to a close friend or a soul mate. But we hold back so as not to hurt the person.

If a person will be able to discipline himself, he will be able to simplify the process of achieving the desired, as well as very quickly find his soulmate.

13. Comfort

Whoever said what, but to feel the comfort is still necessary. Yes, this concept is quite relative, because everyone has his own ideals of comfort. Some people need a house in the Maldives, others need a modest apartment in a residential area of the city. But the fact is that this thing is very important in modern life.

15 most essential things in human life

If money and material possessions are of great importance to you, then you can also put them in the category of comfort (although that’s not what it’s all about). Yes, an expensive car, a fancy suit, and a bunch of gadgets can give you a certain sense of comfort. But don’t forget that a cozy place is first and foremost your home, where a loved one or your own friendly family is waiting for you.

14. Money

No matter what psychologists say, you can’t live a normal, happy life without money. So we need money, and it should be enough to cover our basic needs.

Money gives comfort, money gives tools for success, money gives status and respect of other people. Money gives a people the opportunity to pursue their dreams, which makes them feel happy.

15 most essential things in human life

Is it safe to say, then, that the more money a person has, the happier he or she is? For several decades, psychologists from Harvard University have studied the relationship between a person’s wealth and happiness, and concluded that money can make a person happier only when they move from being a poor person to the middle class with the help of money. But after that, the increase in income does not have such a strong influence on happiness and life satisfaction. At this stage, other factors begin to influence more.

15. Support

And one last thing that is vital for almost every person. Sometimes we have to face situations where we really want to hear the words, “It’s okay. You did your best. You did the best you could”. This phrase should be enough for almost anyone to regain their mental strength and move on with their life. It is likely that such words can even inspire a person to try again. Therefore, support is very important.

15 most essential things in human life

However, it is not only in adverse situations that it is important to feel that someone close to you is on your side. Sometimes a person has to do something that goes against some people’s moral and ethical principles. In this case, you want to hear the words of support from at least someone to be sure that you are not engaged in a case that absolutely no one likes. For example, someone with a non-traditional sexual orientation will need support.

We hope that now you were able to understand what things are necessary for a person to live. Of course, our article contains only a small fraction of what you might need. However, if you strive to take care of these 15 things, happiness will definitely come into your life.

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