What character traits lead to success?

What character traits lead to success?

Multiple studies by scientists and psychologists have confirmed that certain character traits have a positive effect on personal development. They are related to a wide range of life situations, such as success at work, behavior, health.

A new study published in the Journal of Positive Psychology suggests that while all human character strengths serve an important function, some are more important to an individual’s psychological health.

To reach this conclusion, a team of psychologists led by Fabian Gander of the University of Zurich studied the extent to which 24 the best aspects of character, including appreciation of beauty and excellence, courage, creativity, curiosity, leadership, learning, social intelligence, teamwork, enthusiasm and other and helped people achieve their goals in 17 of life’s most important functional areas.

So let’s look more specifically at the conclusion they came to.

24 personality strengths combined with the functions they perform

  • Creativity => engagement, pleasure, achievement, mastery;
  • Curiosity => wisdom, engagement, optimism;
  • Judgment => wisdom, understanding, self-efficacy;
  • Love of learning => wisdom, achievement, engagement;
  • Perspective => understanding, self-efficacy, humanity;
  • Courage => bravery, positive thinking, achievement, self-efficacy;
  • Perseverance => achievement, courage, wisdom, engagement;
  • Integrity => humanity, understanding, self-efficacy;
  • Interest => mastery, health, pleasure, optimism;
  • Love => humanity, pleasure, optimism;
  • Kindness => humanity, pleasure, understanding;
  • Social intelligence => humanity, pleasure, understanding;
  • Teamwork => fairness, humanity, understanding;
  • Justness => fairness, humanity, understanding;
  • Leadership => fairness, self-efficacy, meaning;
  • Forgiveness => justice, understanding, self-efficacy;
  • Humility => understanding, humanity, positive thinking, self-efficacy;
  • Prudence => moderation, fairness, positive thinking;
  • Self-regulation => courage, achievement, wisdom;
  • Appreciation of beauty and excellence => enjoyment, independence, engagement;
  • Gratitude => pleasure, humanity, optimism;
  • Hope => optimism, pleasure, mastery;
  • Humor => pleasure, humanity, optimism;
  • Spirituality => excellence, engagement, self-efficacy.

What character traits are more likely to lead to success?

To understand this issue, a separate study of a control group of people was carried out. Experts tracked the extent to which 196 Swiss and German adults possessed each character trait and how each helped them overcome everyday problems over a 14-day period.

Experts came to a very interesting conclusion: the most significant character traits of successful people were humor, hope, and interest.

We present below a complete list of 24 character traits that influence success (they are arranged in descending order, beginning with the most important and ending with the least important):

  1. Interest;
  2. Hope;
  3. Humor;
  4. Curiosity;
  5. Kindness;
  6. Learning;
  7. Perseverance;
  8. Social intelligence;
  9. Creativity;
  10. Recognition of beauty and excellence;
  11. Gratitude;
  12. Love;
  13. Perspective;
  14. Self-regulation;
  15. Teamwork;
  16. Judgment;
  17. Leadership;
  18. Integrity;
  19. Courage;
  20. Justice;
  21. Spirituality;
  22. Forgiveness;
  23. Humility;
  24. Prudence.

So we need to be fanatic, spiritless, presumptuous and hilarious optimists?

Not at all. Just because some traits are at top of the list and others are at bottom does not mean that other character traits are unimportant and should not be developed. If you stop developing them, you are more likely to achieve the opposite effect and not become successful.

Experts prioritized their list based on how often successful people use certain character traits. That is, for example, successful people show interest more often than fairness. You will also need character traits in the middle of the list to be successful. For example, prudence or the ability to be careful in your choices are usually useful in the areas of fairness and positive thinking.

But, of course, character traits in middle and low position of the list are not as broadly applicable as interest, which shows benefits in most functional areas of a person’s life and is especially noticeable in skill, health, engagement, pleasure, and optimism.

To conclude this article, here is a quote from the authors of the study:

“Our results confirm the idea that it is enough for a person to have just a few strong qualities in order to become successful. Develop them and you will undoubtedly succeed”.

Well, we will add on our own: be an optimist, read good blogs (as optimist.pw) and good books and success will definitely become closer. 🙂

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