“I just can’t get you out of my head”. Why it happens?

“I just can’t get you out of my head”. Why it happens?

The reason why thoughts of the person do not leave your mind is because you are in love. Surely the partner has conquered your heart so much that there is no way to get rid of the memories of him. However, it is necessary to do this, if you want to continue to enjoy life. Here’s what psychologists and esotericists think about it.

Thoughts about a person from the point of view of physiology

Falling in love is a special state when changes occur in the body on different levels. And first of all, we are talking about the work of the brain. Very often love is called a mental confusion, when there is no possibility to think objectively and productively. That is, thoughts constantly revolve around memories of past periods spent together. Or the brain begins to draw pictures of the future (dating, life together, etc.).

The brain perceives unshared feelings as a search for a way out of a difficult situation. That is, it tries to choose the direction that will help you connect. And since a lot of energy is spent on this work, for everything else there is simply not enough.

Psychologists’ point of view

Falling in love is a special state that affects the heart and soul. The opportunity to experience new emotions does not allow you to calm down and direct your thoughts to something else.

“Flying above the earth,” “Floating in the sky,” and other features of the state that many of us are familiar with, prompt us to return constantly to that which brings pleasure. That is, if the person you love is far away, you want to reduce the waiting time and meet as soon as possible. If a breakup has occurred, the person has probably experienced a state of stress. While the healing process is underway, it is simply impossible not to think about the source of suffering. Until the psychic wound heals, getting rid of intrusive thoughts will be extremely problematic. You need to put a lot of effort into doing this as quickly as possible.

It is in this case that the advice of psychologists helps, who give recommendations for “switching” thoughts to other objects.

The opinion of esotericists

According to esotericists, human was born to be in a couple. That’s why loneliness provokes the emergence of thoughts about one’s soulmate. If there is none, one of the objects (an old acquaintance, an idol, etc.) is chosen. In the case of the end of a relationship (breakup), a person tries to get rid of the spiritual connection with someone who was recently close to him.

The longer you have been together, the longer your thoughts will be occupied by your former chosen one. Breaking this thread is extremely difficult, even if it didn’t seem that strong. You have to be alone for a while. And since this state is still unfamiliar to one of the partners, there is a need at least mentally, but to be close to your loved one (especially if the breakup happened suddenly). Until the void is filled with something (or someone else), counting on peace of mind is a self-deception.

Karmic Connection

Esotericists also insist that obsessive thoughts about a person may be a consequence of the joining of souls. That is, the souls of people who have met were familiar in past lives, so they are attracted to each other.

Sometimes these feelings are surprising for their owners (the person did not make any impression when they met, but thoughts of him never leave their minds). This is the proof that a man and a woman can be connected karmically.

So what to do with all that?

In any case, be it psychological or esoteric reasons for having thoughts about a person, it will be useful to get rid of them in time (except when the connection is creative and the thoughts are associated with a period of falling in love, which both partners are experiencing). If the memories are too intrusive, try to switch to something else. It’s difficult, but possible, especially with the help of professionals.

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