Attitude to life and to the world: How to change it?

Attitude to life and to the world: How to change it?

Often the main reason for our failures is our own perception of life. Most people believe that fate is cruel to them. However, the world is neutral to all. Everything that happens to us is just a reflection of our attitude toward life and the world.

Optimism and Stress Resistance

Why is it important to be optimistic and not be afraid of stress in life? Emotionally resilient people are able to adapt to any circumstance with ease, focusing on opportunities rather than problems.

So, for example, anyone taking a new job will find it quite difficult to cope with the responsibilities. Sometimes it may seem that the activity is more difficult than it was before. Moreover, the new job takes more time and effort as opposed to the previous position. In fact, many people find it hard to get out of their comfort zone, so they perceive changes in their lives very negatively. This phenomenon is temporary, and soon a person realizes that he made the right choice, but unfortunately, this realization does not come in time.

It is important to understand that things do not always work out the way we want them to. At such times, people act in different ways: some are willing to accept what has happened, while others are sorry. Emotional balance is about keeping the hope that you can change the situation for the better.

Reaction to negativity

A good attitude toward life is formed in childhood. Our first teachers are always our parents. If they believed that life is filled with nothing but negativity, troubles and bad people, bad weather, bad circumstances, then we will also perceive everything that happens to us.

Often the worldview is seriously influenced by the experience of adolescence, namely the relationship between adolescents of different genders. Women and men experience love failures in the same way, so later they begin to have a negative attitude toward members of the opposite sex. Of course, such “dramas” do not happen in all novels, but quite often.

That’s why if you want to change your life for the better it is important to learn how to deal with stress and negative emotions first. How? Yes, take an example from this girl on photo! It’s raining outside and she’s happy! She’s soaked, but it doesn’t matter, because after all, she is living and life is beautiful!

Attitude to life and to the world: How to change it?

How to change your attitude toward life?

1. You have to learn to appreciate and love life

Psychologists point out that people who have managed to overcome a terrible illness or avoid death often have a valued attitude toward life. Realizing that they could have lost everything in an instant, they begin to realize how petty and unworthy of attention quarrels with relatives, conflicts with colleagues, and the constant pursuit of material possessions were. Such people tend to enjoy every day, they perceive their life as a valuable gift and rejoice in every moment.

Anyone who, fortunately, has not encountered incurable illness and other tragedies, should realize that life can be very short. So try not to force yourself into constant “frames” and the pursuit of material goods, forgetting to appreciate real moments, the smiles of family and friends.

Sometimes people don’t have all of life to find the meaning of life. So maybe we shouldn’t live for something, but just for life! This does not mean that we should stop making plans for the future. Without goals and desires, our life becomes boring and uninteresting. We just shouldn’t forget about the importance of the “priceless gift”.

2. Take responsibility for your life

Often people tend to blame those around them for their failures. This is probably the first place to start fighting. Remember, if you have a bad attitude toward your job, you are the only one to blame, because you could not, perhaps, get a better education or find a more deserving place.

Is your wife not perfect? So you did not have enough oratorical talent or intellectual ability to find common ground with her and establish a joint household. People do not like you and do not want to be friends with you? Alas, the problem here, too, lies in you. That is why it is so important to learn to take responsibility for your life, and to try to change it for the better.

Remember that only you are “the smith” of your own destiny, so there is no need to blame the state, laws and people around you for your failures.

3. Calm your mind

Attitude to life and to the world: How to change it?

In order to learn to control your own thoughts, you must begin to be aware of them. Shall we try it?! Take a deep breath and try to free your head of all thoughts. This way you create a free space for something new, unusual and unconventional. Moreover, your mind is resting – it’s you who makes a break for its work.

Sometimes we load ourselves up with problems and failures so much that we can’t look at the world in a positive light. At such times, it is necessary to stop! It can be a rest in silence, during which you have to observe yourself and understand where your own thoughts and those imposed from the outside are. Such a technique should not be neglected. It’s worth starting and it will all work out!

4. Put all resentment and guilt out of your mind

Virtually everyone carries a weight of resentment with them through life. By continuing to “chew” unpleasant memories, people destroy their personality. In addition to internal harmony, resentment causes tangible damage to the nervous system. Often, unpleasant memories provoke high blood pressure and heart rate, which can lead to a heart attack.

It is important to understand that forgetting an offense does not mean that you should condescend to the bad behavior of the offender or continue to communicate with him as if nothing had happened. Such actions give the past an opportunity to spoil your present and future. Try in moments of unpleasant memories to switch to something positive. Try not to support conversations about past grievances. If you once again notice that you are beginning to complain to a friend, colleague or relative about a situation of yesteryear, then stop. Change the topic of conversation and tell what makes you feel good.

Attitude to life and to the world: How to change it?

5. Do not play “the victim”

Psychologists call “the victims” people who create negativity around themselves, sometimes creating “unbearable” conditions for their lives. They tend to complain about their husbands, superiors, bosses, relatives, and children, who are supposedly to blame for the fact that they live so badly.

If such a person is advised to change something in his life, he will find many excuses not to do so. The strangest thing is that there is always someone who is willing to help unselfishly. He is willing to give anything to alleviate the suffering of this “unfortunate” person.

“Victims” are incapable of rejoicing over the little things; they tend to focus on the negative aspects. The majority prefers to live according to the principle “I am good, and everyone around is bad” or “I am right about everything, and they don’t understand anything”.

6. Create a life that delights you

Take your time to think about what you really like. Growing up, most people focus on insignificant things. We work a job we don’t like, spend time in a company we don’t like, and so on. It just happens because we have to!

If you’ve always wanted to paint, take up what you love to do. But! This does not mean that you have to quit your job. You can sign up for courses in illustration or painting. Try to find like-minded people in your environment, not those who regularly criticize your hobbies. One of the highest achievements of an individual is inner satisfaction, not external status or a prize.

Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t notice that we ourselves have become “the victim” and start to feel sorry for ourselves in every possible way. And if you have noticed such behavior, it’s time to take your own life into your own hands and change it for the better.

Remember that you have to rely only on yourself. No one will be engaged in improving your life.

Attitude to life and to the world: How to change it?

7. Don’t get hung up on problems

Your attitude toward your lifestyle should always be positive. When you think a lot about things you don’t like, you attract even more bad luck into your life. For example, you don’t have enough money, you can’t lose excess weight. At times like this, you need to focus on success.

There’s also a great way to deal with negative thoughts! Imagine that a terrible event has happened in your life that you can’t change. Try asking yourself if you can survive it. Now try to imagine something that you can’t influence. Suppose you always wanted to be tall. Alas, you can not affect it. So, you have to get rid of these “annoying” thoughts. The same goes for thoughts about missed opportunities. Remember that you live in the present, and you should only be interested in potential plans and achievements.

Important: You need to realize that you are the only one in control of your perception of the world. You have no right to pass the responsibility for your life onto other people. Sometimes to change the situation, it is enough to look at it from a different angle.

A wise attitude toward life is based on experience. However, you have the opportunity to be inspired by the people around you. So draw your motivation from the actions and achievements of others. Try to find the virtues in every person. And do not forget that we can not change the world, but can change our attitude toward it.

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