How to understand when our help is needed and when not?

How to understand when our help is needed and when not?

People always need each other’s help, which is why we have an obligation to help others. It is a very noble thing to do. However, this does not mean that we should be completely thoughtless in helping others. It is important to consider whether the person really needs help or whether it is just using your resources. That is why we need to consider the following things beforehand.

Calculate your strength: can you really help the person?

The intention to help is a very good thing. But it will be utterly useless if it is not accompanied by the ability to carry it out. That is why before you help others, you must be clear about whether you are capable of doing so.

This is really very important, because in any case something will have to be sacrificed. Therefore, if in the end you have to torture yourself, you should not do anything. For example, if you are asked to lift a heavy object, you should not force yourself if you do not have enough strength. This can lead to serious injury.

It also sometimes happens that helping a person requires quite a lot of time or material resources that you already don’t have much of. This means that you will have to sacrifice yourself very much and do literally the impossible. So it’s not worth helping if it’s over and above what you can do.

You also need to think about how helping someone might affect the people closest to you. Will it hurt them or not? For example, if you want to help your friend of the opposite sex by talking to him and giving moral support, you need to think about how your partner will react to it.

You can provide financial assistance to those in need, but you ignore the needs of your family. That’s why it’s important to get your priorities right. It’s okay to help others, but you have to get your priorities right and make sure it doesn’t affect the people closest to you in any way.

How to understand when our help is needed and when not?

Does the person really need help?

It is very important to understand if the person really needs help or if he is just using you for his own mercenary purposes. Sometimes someone asks for help not because they can’t do something, but because they just don’t want to.

For example, people who beg are, for the most part, perfectly capable of working, but simply do not want to do so. They only beg because it is easier and more profitable for them. In addition, it often happens that friends borrow from you not because they are in dire need of money and have a great need, but because they want to spend the finances for fun.

You have to be very careful and observant to see if the person asking for help really needs it or just wants to take advantage of you. If it seems that he has bad intentions, then you should not help, because it will indicate that you support these bad intentions.

Many believe that even if the person asking for help has bad intentions, it is still worth helping because it is noble. Or they believe that they will receive some sort of reward for doing a good deed. However, expecting something in return for help is very selfish. One should try to get rid of such thoughts.

What kind of help should be provided?

When you are going to help someone, you need to be clear about what you can do and how much the person needs it. Naturally, every help can be useful, but it is important that it be as effective, rational and correct as possible.

For example, if a friend is unemployed, you can help him by lending him money. However, the most effective would be to help him get a job. If you are studying in an educational institution, and your friend does not understand a certain material, it will be much better to explain this topic to him than just give him a cheat sheet during a test.

How to understand when our help is needed and when not?

That is why it is worth clearly understanding what actions can be taken and which of them will be the best to really bring real benefits that will serve in the long term, rather than being short-term.

The amount of help to be given is very important. If the amount is too small, the people in need will probably not benefit in any practical way. However, if you try to do something beyond your capabilities, you yourself will suffer from it.

If you want to make a big enough donation but can’t afford it, you can try to get other people to help. That way, those in need can get the full extent of what they need, and you won’t have to pinch yourself too much.

Helping others is indeed a noble act. However, even the noblest of actions must be done with the right strategy. That’s why, before helping another person, you need to weigh everything carefully and evaluate everything so that the result will be as positive as possible both for you and for the person to whom this help is being given.

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